Game Got Play working on a Kinect Reality Cricket Game

CricketGaming: Pakistan based startup GameDotPlay is reportedly working on a Kinect based Augmented Reality Cricket Game named "Cover Drive".

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ShrektheHulk1191d ago

you gotta know what a crumpet is to understand cricket

Bigpappy1191d ago

I think sports games, that don't take themselves to seriously, with do rather well on Kinect. The first one was track and field and was highly popular. It outsold some AAA games while having a much smaller install base.

Batting, bowling and throwing can all be done via gestures.

Inzo1191d ago

Thats stupid, Americans dont know what Cricket is let alone play it.

joel011190d ago

@Inzo..And America is world..hssh go sleep in your hole. It's people like you that gives every country a bad rep.