Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 Online Details, PlayStation-Exclusive Goodies

New details revealed for online support, multiplayer lobbies, and even some PlayStation-exclusive goodies featuring Ratchet, Sweet Tooth, and Sackboy!

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TheLoCoRaven1192d ago

I'm still trying to get Sweet Tooth in Rocket League. Sweet Tooth should be in everything!!!!

SonyWarrior1192d ago

im liking all these appearances of sweet tooth hopefully its a sign that they will make a new twisted metal soon the last one left off at a cliff hanger.

TheLoCoRaven1192d ago

I really like the last one. I don't know why it got so much hate.

tanukisuit1192d ago

I wonder if they would consider throwing in Big Boss, too?

PurpHerbison1192d ago

I hope this is as fun as THPS4 was online.

blackblades1192d ago

Ya heard that ps exclusive goodies.