The Cycle of Spiritual Succession in Games

With the abundance of spiritual successors to classic games, will these successors sustain on their own, not relying on the shadows of their predecessors?

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_-EDMIX-_1239d ago

Many have, look at Demon Souls, Bioshock, Bravely Default, Crysis, Paper Mario and even Call Of Duty.

Many spiritual games might be due to a team parting ways with the IP, but still having ideas that can help the series ala Bishock or even Dying Light.

Bioshock doesn't just live off of System Shocks concepts.... Dying Light isn't just Dead Island 1.5, they build off of what the left off of with older IPs that might be owned else where.

Look at Evil Within. Capcom long ago killed RE as a "survival horror game" and just made it an action game, fans have wanted a REAL survival horror game and never got it.

Until Evil Within! Fans got to get what they've been waiting for, for years for Capcom to do and they just didn't want to budge.

So it might be the other way around.

Some publishers don't want to change, thus keep the IP the same while other developers want to progress the series.

Bayonetta, Evil Within, Vanquish etc all pushed the concept future then their spiritual counterparts. Its likely why those new ips released else where as Capcom didn't want to actually do such new concepts, they wanted to go action, mainstream, they even stated at one point they wanted RE to be like Call Of Duty...

They outsourced games, out right changed genres to get sales based on what was popular at the time.

Those new IPs from their former developers, are the REAL sequels to those ips that very much push those games further vs trying to make them out to be something that they are not.

That being said, I'm hoping for an MGS spiritual successor when Kojima leaves lol, hope for one for ZOE TOO!

How I see it, why should fans and developers be out of a game based on a publisher wanting a Call Of Duty clone or Assassin's Creed clone etc?

Sooooo not have it exist in any form because some greedy company said so?

They exist because of fan demand, because the concept is wanted, because its not done yet, because the developers still have ideas left, regardless of if a publisher doesn't want it done or not, they don't own the individual people.