8 Worst Moments of E3 2015

Nick of VgamerZ looks back on the most painful moments of this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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ShottyatLaw1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

The PC show pretty much tops everything on your list, in my opinion. It made PC gaming seem like a joke, and did little to capture what its fans truly love about it.

Also, you seem to be confused about the Hololens recording. The video presentation did not record "through the eyes" of the dev on stage. The special camera they used allowed the same holograms that the user saw to be recorded from a second perspective.

If you think about it, if they were trying to record "through the eyes" of the user, they would not need a second camera at all. It would be something akin to a video out recording like we see with VR. Go back to the previous reveal and you can find more information regarding the use of the second camera.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

So Microsoft faked the Hololens demo too? I haven't been looking at the demo's. Thats disgraceful.

They faked the kinnect demo's too.

Microsoft are such a scummy company.

ShottyatLaw1291d ago

No, I don't believe they did. The author seems to have been confused by the footage the second camera was capturing.

rainslacker1291d ago

Not technically. Some people are saying that MS said that we would be seeing the demo the same way the presenter would, but they didn't actually say that. They said they set up a halolens on a camera, so the audience could see what the halolens would be showing. Technically true.

Now comes the technically untrue part. Reports that came out later about the Halolens make it seem that the camera they used to create the AR image for the audience, was using a perspective that wouldn't be like that of a human using the device, making it appear as if what was seen on the table would be complete, like what we saw in the presentation. however, due to the limited field of view, and constantly moving presenter, the chances that you would see the entire world like that are very slim unless you stay fairly still, and keep your head closer to the table. Kind of limits the idea of what Halolens is being presented as.

Im sure Halolens can display the images shown, but realistically, I can't see how anyone could watch that presentation and not call shenanigans given how perfect everything seemed. It was heavily staged to try and present something more than it could ever provide the end least in it's current form.

Yetter1291d ago

many people in the press have played that very demo and written about it. It is very much real, not fake. Just a smaller FoV

DLConspiracy1291d ago

I would have never guessed you felt that way. Not in a million years. You never say negative things about MS ever.

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DVAcme1291d ago

While the PC conference was pretty bad, it at least showed a lot of gameplay. The main problem it had was that it was looooooooong. If they shorten the format and keep it game-focused, it should be much better next year.

The undisputed king of suck this year was DEFINITELY Squeenix. That conference was GODAWFUL. No gameplay AT ALL, lackluster game announcements and even its biggest game, the remake of Final Fantasy VII, had ALREADY been announced at Sony's conference. Squeenix even outclassed EA in terms of suck, and EA ALWAYS sucks at E3, so that's saying something.

rainslacker1291d ago

I found the PC conference lacking at times, but I also said it wasn't terrible given that it's the first year they're doing it, so I gave them a little more leeway.

I didn't particularly like the format trying to make it like a night show talk host thing, but it served the purpose.

Presenter guy was decent enough.

SniperControl1291d ago

Thought the Oculus Rift one was pretty cringe worthy, especially when Phil Spencer showed the women sat on a sofa playing forza in VR while actually sat in the real world on a sofa playing forza,then asking why everyone one laughed.

MartinB1051291d ago

The issue with Hololens was the faked wide field-of-view and opaqueness of the image. What was shown is not representative of what an actual user will see.

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Relientk771291d ago

The PC Gaming Show
That awful musician from Ubisofts E3 event
Mobile gaming and 90% of the time was sports at EAs conference

cplus1291d ago

Be careful when clicking on site, I got re-directed after 5 seconds to a site claiming I have a virus on my android and it had a bar downloading. I will never click another vgamerz link.

DLConspiracy1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

"It’s actually abundantly obvious that none of the footage we saw during the demonstration was actually taken from the Hololens display as the man we’re supposed to be seeing through the eyes of is constantly on-camera"

That's because the camera is fitted with a special hololens it'self. Take a look at the cameras they have used in other videos.

Also.. "It was certainly an inspiring look into what virtual reality is capable of, but there was one minor problem with Microsoft’s little showcase: it was completely fake. "

It's Augmented Reality. Not "Virtual Reality"... Also.. I may not be aware but where was it proven fake? Link?

I will say there have been some people saying that hololens has a small view ratio through a headset. (not the camera).

So that's a valid concern. Although I think it's because how close they have the hololens mounted to the camera. A lens is much smaller.. Just pointing it out. So there is no miss information.

s45gr321291d ago

Nintendo E3 was a disaster
PC gamer E3 PC gaming show was a huge disappointment for me too much talking and not enough actual game play demonstrations. To make it worse it showed game trailers from previous E3 conferences.....

DLConspiracy1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

While I wasn't super impressed with the PC show.. I still think it's necessary. It was the first one and there should have been PC presence for many years.

Also I think we were hoping for Half Life 3...

s45gr321290d ago

Agreed, I do hope next year the PC gaming show is a lot better than this year