Dell Believes Blu Ray Will Win, Consumers Say Otherwise

Dell Inc., one of the largest suppliers of personal computers on the globe, said on Monday that the Blu-ray disc format will eventually win the war between next-generation digital video disc formats because of broad industry support. To confirm the claim, Dell introduced its new laptop with Blu-ray disc optical drive.

"Blu-ray optical drive technology has gained broad industry support and we believe it will become the optical drive standard of the future," said. Alex Gruzen, senior vice president, Dell Product Group. The Blu-ray disc format is fighting against HD DVD format to replace DVD in future.

Meanwhile, monitoring of consumer discussions by Cymfony research firm reveal that more people are impressed by HD DVD rather than by Blu-ray and there are just a few discussions of Blu-ray advantages over HD DVD in the forums over the Internet.

Cymfony conducted an independent study of discussion about new high definition video formats and players. Between October 1, 2006 and November 23, 2006, the research firm aggregated 17 664 posts from blogs, discussion boards and other social media sites. Discussion was evenly divided between HD DVD (50% of posts) and Blu-ray (45%), while the individual products using these platforms were rarely discussed (5% of posts). Early adopter sources drove the majority of conversations.

Within the higher amount of HD DVD discussions, there were more positive feedback (32.9%) about the format and products, whereas among discussions of the Blu-ray there were much less positive posts (23.5% of all). At the same time, 23.4% of those talking about Blu-ray were negative about the standard and only 14.2% of those discussing the HD DVD generated negative feedback.

Even though it is obvious that there are more early adopters of the HD DVD that may generate negative posts about the Blu-ray compared to the number of Blu-ray adopters who may post downbeat feedback about the HD DVD, a significant amount of discussions pessimistic about the Blu-ray, perhaps, were caused by poor-quality Blu-ray movies – that were recorded in DVD resolution – released this summer...

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MicroGamer6405d ago (Edited 6405d ago )

So HD-DVD is already the standard for HD movies. Give up Blu Ray. You lost.

HP is now selling computers with HD-DVD players in them. So much for Blu-Ray dominating the PC market.

And wasn't Thomson supposed to be a Blu- Ray supporter, too?? I guess they jumped ship as well. Expect more defections from the Sony camp in the near future.

marcusfenix6405d ago

Sucks anyway, thier support went to hell. HP is the way to go. Beside I have an HP laptop with the $100 HD-DVD drive on order, the cheapest HD drive around. The blu-ray pc drives cost around $600. There is no way Blu-Ray will win, HD-DVD should already be considered the winner, because they have dominated all year, and continue to further the gap with the 360 add-on. By the end of 2006 there will be 10 time more HD-DVD players than Blu-Ray players, because of Microsofts HD-DVD add-on. Who would have thought the 360 would help HD-DVD win the format war. I guess choice does matter after all!!!

MicroGamer6405d ago (Edited 6405d ago )


Dell is selling the XBox 360 HD-DVD player in it's online store!!!! They are also selling 360 consoles, games and accessories.

drewlusk6405d ago

It boils down to price for me. Why would I pay twice as much for a Blu-Ray Player when it does not show me any substantial difference between them and HD-DVD. Price will when this war not storage space.

DJ6405d ago

The movies for both formats are identically priced, and the players are fairly close in pricing as well. Why anyone would want to waste money on HD-DVD is beyond me.

Then again, a lot of people prefer slightly lower priced merchandise at the expense of quality/superiority. So far, PS3's the highest quality Blu-ray player on the market (no joke) since it has HDMI 1.3, but unfortunately there aren't enough to go around. Eventually it'll get to the point where consumers will be going "Do I spend $300 on an HD-DVD player, or $400 on a PS3 that plays Blu-ray movies and 3 generations of games all in one box?"

(thinking two years ahead, of course) Consumers also love value, so it's important to put Sony's system into the mix. Honestly, it's too early to tell which one will win, though most of the people I know who've heard of these formats want Blu-ray instead.

MicroGamer6405d ago (Edited 6405d ago )

Sony Blu Ray Player $999.99
Toshiba HD-DVD player $499.99

Looks like twice as much to me.

By the time PS3 becomes affordable enough where people will consider it over an HD-DVD player, it will be too late. Remember the Nuon?? It would have made a lot of sense to buy a DVD player that also played games for the same price wouldn't it?? Where is Nuon now??

ironwolf6404d ago

has the Toshiba model for $399.

drewlusk6404d ago

Are kidding? You must be mathematically challenged from what I see there is a big difference in price and no quality difference at all. If I put 2 tvs side by side you would not be able to tell the difference. Retards like you are the one keeping this war going. If people stop buying into Sony's pricey format them we all would have HD-DVDs at a cheaper pirice and in more abundance. Idiot!!!!

darx6404d ago

Other than people who play games will buy PS3 for the BR feature. I can tell you that my parents and many others aren't going to buy a PS3 due to the fact it has BR so they can watch BR movies, most likely a player only. And if HD-DVD is cheaper and the fact that BR is not all that superior in quality. Why plunk down extra cash for essentialy the same thing?

Monchichi0256404d ago

Na, I'll just buy the $200 Xbox add on and save myself some real money to spend on movies!!! Face it, HD-DVD is already in key position to win!

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