How to make a Superman game that might not suck

Polygon: I spent most of my day yesterday examining why Superman games have failed (and they all have, to varying degrees). And it occurred to me that if I was going to drop snark bombs on everybody's else's attempt, I could at least cook up one of my own.

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Rebel_Scum1284d ago

This article makes heaps of sense. Reduce Superman's powers down to make him would allow the player to relate to him better.

It would also fit him in the confines of a video game and the controller schemes we deal with.

Ko_Uraki1284d ago

More interaction between Clark kent and Superman with adventure elements would be great.
The secret identity is indeed the new deal of sh vg.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1284d ago

Buncha BS. You don't have to dumb Superman down, that would only cheapen it. Again Supermans struggles aren't always about how hard he can hit stuff. It's about him finding ways to solve problems the morally correct way more often than not. And when that's not the issue he's trying to find a way to save people without killing them or destroying everything around him. And when that's not it, THEN it's about how hard he can hit stuff.

In Superman Unchained he had 14 seconds to figure out how to stop a building full of people from crashing to the ground. He's fast enough to fly in and out of the building and save all of them one-by-one, but the speed he would have to fly at would kill them. He could try to catch the building and stop it from falling over but that would cause the building to crumble at its structural weak points. And the whole time he's getting attacked by a mech. So how does he do it? Hint: It involves a nearby lake.