"Butterfly Garden" Dev Interview(Xbox Live Arcade)

Butterfly Garden is an experientialistic game that enables the player to control butterflies on Butterfly Island while trying to breed and survive. The environment is fully procedural and the player can discover new butterfly species through cross-breeding. It's like a cross between Animal Crossing and Nintendogs, though more experientialistic than either. We're trying to give the game a casual feel.

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marcusfenix4331d ago

An enitre game created with procedural synthesis. PS3 eat your heart out!

Boink4331d ago

this game is the next gears of war...

mellowspaz4331d ago

don't know what procedural synthesis means, but this game sounds like viva pinata to me

Rooted_Dust4331d ago

This sounds more like a game you might enjoy, but would never admit to liking. Like Nintendogs. Everyone loves playing with puppies, but are you going to tell your friends you love playing with puppies? I think this is going to be a lonely "E"rated game on a console dominated by extreamly violent games.