Choice Provisions Teases Woah Dave! Sequel

The developer behind the popular arcade game Woah Dave! has hinted that a sequel will be coming in late 2015

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MRBIGCAT1198d ago

Woah Dave is crazy fast but a fun retro game. Cool to hear we may be getting a sequel.

FullmetalRoyale1198d ago

..said one of the developer plants..

Lol :)

spacedelete1198d ago

i refuse to even download it for free. its literally shovelware and i don't want it stuck in my download history haunting me friom its awfulness.

KryptoniteTail1198d ago

Oh God, that game sucks. I was so disappointed it hit PS+. I don't expect all AAA titles but Germinator and Woah Dave stand out as the absolute worst the service threw up at my feet.

superchiller1198d ago

I hate to say it, but I totally agree with you, and I generally love retro-inspired games. Maybe I just didn't understand the game or give it enough time, but on several occasions that I tried it, I found the game to be almost unplayable. Very hard, and not fun in the least.

If they do make a sequel, I hope they put more effort into the gameplay.

KryptoniteTail1198d ago

I love retro-inspired games. It doesn't excuse crap that gets pumped out though. Actually, I tend to prefer shorter, retro style games now. My favorite handheld game of all time is probably Corpse Party.

It's sad too because I anted to like this game. It looks like an early 80's arcade game but plays like something from GameJam.