Deception IV: Nightmare Princess Preview - VGU

With the game coming out soon on PS4. PS3 and PS Vita, Dom has a full preview of what is in store with Deception IV: Nightmare Princess. Is the game all it is cracked up to be or is it laying deadly traps for you to enjoy?

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Deathdeliverer1196d ago

I had a blast playing this demo. The only deception I had ever played was on ps1. I honestly didn't know there were more. I loved it then and it appears that I still do. The demo has a mode with challenges that unlocks so many sadistic traps. Planning out your painful assault and luring enemies into your roller coaster combo from hell is so fun. It sucks when you miss your timing, but once you understand how a certain trap effects the enemy the combos start rolling into your head. I will be buying this day one. Gotta support them so we can keep getting great think outside the box titles that only Japan can cook up.

akiraburn1194d ago

Thanks for mentioning the demo in your comment. I've been wanting to try Deception IV on PS4, but I actually had no idea there was a demo available. I couldn't find it anywhere on the PS4's Store, and even searching for Deception on there only brings up the PS3 version. The only way I could find it was by using the PC browser version of the PS store. Strangely, even after getting the demo added and it appearing in my library, there still doesn't seem to be the normal info about it on the information tabs.

Regardless it is downloading now, and I'm really looking forward to trying it. I'm seriously considering buying this day one as well. I think we've got one awesome year of games this year, with a lot more still coming up. Between Deception, Tales of Zestiria, Persona 5, and Dragon Quest: Heroes, Japanese titles are making a nice foothold again.

When you consider those and add in the bigger releases this year, personally I'd say that this will have been one of the best years in gaming in a long time. Too many great games coming out to afford (both with time and money), and still find the time to be productive. I think that's a relatively good problem though.

Spotie1194d ago

That's really weird. The one on PS3 shows up, but not the PS4 one. PERIOD.

Unless you use the PC store, that is.

akiraburn1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Yeah, I thought it was weird as well. Especially because of the lack of "info". There's no Overview, Recent Activity, or Related Items showing up. So I hope that's just a hiccup and that they offer titles like these a bit of promotion on the PS store. I'm just starting playing it now, and it's a lot of fun.

Deathdeliverer1194d ago

Glad I could help although I had no idea it was as hard to find as it is. After I played the demo and forced myself off I tried to see if preorders were possible. That's when I saw a search only shows the Playstation now PS3 version. I had to go to the preorder section, obviously, and find it. Getting "S" ranks on the challenge levels gets addicting and the games simply fun. Not too serious with a decent thought provoking challenge. Especially when you go against heroes with resistances. Hope you guys ended up liking it like me.