Gearbox: Battleborn Is More Like A Fighting Game With Lots of Heroes And Actions

Borderland developer gearbox is going to release a hero-versus-hero FPS called Battleborn. In the game, gearbox takes the design style from Borderland to create characters. The gameplay is similar to a MOBA game, but has some differences. The developer said Battleborn is more like a fighting game, like Street Fighters, with a number of characters and actions. So, what is Battleborn exactly? You may find out the answer from 2P's interview with Gearbox

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BenRage31194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Actually after hearing the campaign will be short, I am not nearly as interested as I was before. Sounds like the focus of the game will be mainly PvP MOBA style. While I know that will appeal to a lot of people, I was looking forward to a single player campaign the length of Borderlands 2. I'm no longer sure if I will purchase this game.