10 Things Arkham Knight Got Dead Right

WASDuk presents a top ten list of things that Rocksteady utterly nailed when making Arkham Knight.

hennessey862998d ago

and yes while the port is a joke, I'm still enjoying the game.

Arkworthy2998d ago

I must be one of the people who got lucky with the PC version. I had to turn off enhanced smoke, but it runs perfectly now.

RustyShackleford2998d ago

I loved these games, I'll definitely miss the Arkham series. Rocksteady did a fantastic job with Batman, I wonder what they'll do next?

Arkworthy2998d ago

Personally, i'm hoping to see a Batman Beyond game. Maybe not by Rocksteady, but this series has been so phenomenally popular, i'm sure someone would pick it up.

What would you like to see?

RustyShackleford2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Batman Beyond would be excellent!

If we're sticking with superheroes, I'd say:
Green Arrow/Arrow
Justice League (with the switching out characters thing from Knight during fights, that'd be awesome!)
Spiderman (he needs a new studio handling him)
Superman (provided someone does it right this time, I think they could)

Just to name a few, not necessarily in that order of preference either. I'd be cool with any one of them. If I had to pick one though it'd be Justice League.

Daredevil would be pretty easy for them to recycle most of the Batman engine with though. I'd envision most of the game would be 3rd person like Batman, but the detective vision mode would switch to 1st person with the "world on fire" type of sight like the Netflix show had. That would be cool.

temple2998d ago

I seem to be in the minority as the game was just alright to me. Spoilers ahead: There was a huge over reliance on throwing dozens of tanks at me in place of having really cool boss fights like in previous games (Mr. Freeze, Clayface, etc). Hell, there's not even a bossfight against Scarecrow. Arkham Knight was a huge let down; he was just a whiny guy with an army that he somehow paid for. The sidequests were my favorite part, but there weren't enough of them. The Joker blood and Scarecrow toxin are apparently not that bad if you can just will yourself out of their symptoms as Batman seems to do at the end, even if you got injected with several syringes at once and you are at the breaking point with the Joker Blood. The best twist in the game with Oracle getting killed was taken back at the last minute. The unanimous praise this game is getting is flabbergasting to say the least.

Arkworthy2998d ago

Maybe I feel differently about the game because I really quite enjoyed the drone battles, and loved the idea of stealthing around in a tank. Seemed very Batman, to me. The Arkham Knight seemed to get too many boss-battles, as far as i'm concerned. You fight him from his sniper position, you fight him in a tank, then an excavator. He seemed a bit forced in that respect.

I think the idea was that the fear toxin was being used to purge The Joker from his system. The two were being treated as separate identities by the end, so when The Joker's took over, he was getting dosed with the toxin rather than Batman, who was then free to take over a fear-weakened Joker?

I agree with the Oracle fakeout, though. Seemed...kind of pointless.

WizzroSupreme2998d ago

That first-person sequence is sure the most gripping thing I've seen all year.


Batman: Arkham Knight Has Been Rated For The Nintendo Switch

Ahead of its proposed release on the console this fall, the ESRB has rated Batman: Arkham Knight for the Nintendo Switch in a new listing.

mkis00768d ago

Stilll hoping the leaked rtx version is real...would love a ps5 version.

Christopher68d ago

I don't remember the game being that violent or suggestive in content to warrant that sort of rating.

Amplitude68d ago

haha it def was. There's pools of blood, a tortured body in that detective scene, swearing.
You're not wrong though - thinking back to the gameplay it feels like a T rated game where you punch people and drive a batmobile but realistically it was at least a little bit gruesome at times

mkis00768d ago

The serial killer pig man was a brutal story line. As was the opening scene when you turn on the kiln.

CobraKai68d ago

Very curious to see how Knight will scale to Switch.


Was Batman: Arkham Knight's Batmobile Really That Bad?

No, it's not the worst thing about the game, not even close.

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Immagaiden83d ago

I always dreaded whenever a Batmobile mission would show up and overstay it’s welcome

chrisx83d ago

Same. It was cool at first but the batmobile really was the worst part of an otherwise excellent game.

Sciurus_vulgaris82d ago

I stopped pursuing a number of Arkham Knight’s side quests and challenges because of the game’s over reliance on the Batmobile. Driving the Batmobile was fun, but it didn’t need to involved in so many challenges and even boss battles.

isarai83d ago

I loved driving it, but tank sections were trash.

-Foxtrot83d ago

They made Deathstroke into a shitty gimmick like tank battle

Never forget

We got a better fight in Origin than this

Immagaiden81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Origins overall has the best boss battles in the entire series

It’s a crime that it doesn’t get rereleased

Phoenix7682d ago

The worst? No.
Over used to the point it got boring. Definitely.

DeusFever82d ago

The Batmobile was great. The Bat-tank was terrible. Slow, uninspiring, and goes against the stealth combat that made the series legendary. But it wasn’t the worst thing about the game. That honor goes to the cookie cutter, Ubisoft style bases that you have to capture in each section of the map.

Minute Man 72181d ago

No...that would be actual boss fights behind a pay wall aka DLC