Luke Smith: Destiny has "Huge Potential"

A recent interview with Destiny lead designer Luke Smith gave insight into the future of Bungie’s flagship MMORPG.

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-Foxtrot1222d ago

Course it does but being greedy sell outs and selling your soul to the game devil Activision it will never hit it.

joab7771221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

It has had unbelievable potential for a long time.

NOW, they need to acknowledge that it's a damn MMO, bring in the right ppl, and go all out...Meaning...

TI'm to focus on social aspects. Guilds, factions w/ backstories, speeder races, bases, do SOMETHING with the loading screen ships, even of its just changing how they look.

I'm telling ya, NOTHING is more important in a game that plans to go 10 yrs than all the social aspects that keep ppl logging on everyday even when the content is done. And customization is KING. Allow ppl to be different and special.

This game b/c of its unparalleled fps combat, has the potential to rule them all, if they just admit it's an mmo, and give us all the stuff we love about mmo's.

Hereiamhereibe21221d ago

Honestly the game is fun as hell, literally all it needs is true open world MMO gameplay. Take out all (or most of) the loading screens, make PvP a gambling/competition thing that even PvEers could take part in. And it would be the most addicting game ever made. The real issue is the zoning theres just way to much of it and players get bored of waiting in a 4 loading screens just to go to the next mission and do that same exact mission for the nine millionth time. Really it all blows down to the fact the game was made for last gen rather than this gen. They even advertized it exactly how i stated but when they announced it on last gen every good idea they had was chopped up into little pieces and spoonfed to us over a year. I still have hope for Destiny 2, but this one is all but dead to me.

Sevir1220d ago

How would you travel from planet to planet seamlessly if you don't have the load screens... It a shooter at its core with elements from the mmo side with both open and linear design aspects...

A game like this will change over iteration... What they've delivered so far is proof it's that it's an ever changing game and with it being this large and ambitious and so dependent on community feedback, it'll only get better. This isn't the kind of game you nailed every aspect on your first iteration... Final Fantasy 14 online is proof.

ABizzel11221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Destiny had a good foundation, but greed and slow fixes (quick to patch exploits) hurt this game for me, and a lot of people moving into the Taken King.

At this point Destiny 2 is needed, and it has to be great Day 1.

1. The biggest problem is the lack of content. We've seen Mercury and Saturn already, why can't we go to those planets? If anything we've should have had Mercury - Reef aka asteroid belt (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Tower, Moon, Mars) to explore Day 1 with 10 missions, at least 2 strikes, and 1 raid per enemy type. That would have been 50 mission, 10 strikes, a Patrol per planetoid, and 4 raids (VOG, Crota, Fallen Raid, Cabal Raid).

Day 1 the content would have been there.

Instead we got Earth, Moon, Venus, and Mars. 20 missions, 5 - 6 strikes, a Patrol per planetoid, and 1 raid.

2. The planets should have been open world, not travel in a circle.

3. The Tower should have had more events like Pike battles, Sparrow Races, in-game Guilds / Fireteams, etc...

4. Matchmaking should be on everything making it more social.

5. There should be a larger variety and diversity of weapons. As well as Corrosion (Thorn is basically Borderlands Corrosion) and Light weapons.

6. Had an actual decent story, with memorable characters, and show the different races and factions off better.

And that's all I can think of off the top of my head for now, but there so much stuff Destiny could and should have done Day 1, and it would have easily been GOTY for 2014, but they missed so much opportunity. With all this content you only need bi annual expansion (every 6 months), and they should add more missions, 2 new strikes, and a Raid / POE type event and cost $10 - $15.

By 2016 it would be time for the next huge Expansion or D2 with new regions (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, outer Reef), as well as 3 New classes, new enemies, etc...

So much potential completely wasted. Destiny could have been an amazing revolutionary console MMOFPS, but instead it's an semi-good game with some MMO type feature and a serious lack of content and overpriced DLC.

leemo191221d ago

Lot of us have been saying it has potential, but the problem is not delivering content that could make Destiny even better.

spacedelete1221d ago

i really do feel sorry for you people addicted to Destiny. they are pretty much butt raping you guys.

Baka-akaB1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

It's an easy to kick "addiction" , if they still play at this juncture they enjoy it , so it's worth it to them .

It's not as if a lot of the people dropping destiny aren't just swicthing to yearly fps with 30-40 dollars season passes , and thus displaying better judgement

spacedelete1221d ago

trust me dude its an addiction. i've seen Destiny players say stuff like:
1. "OMG so many games releasing like The Witcher 3 and Batman I don't need to play Destiny anymore"
2. "Destiny is getting boring and repetitive so I'm not gonna play anymore"
3. "I've replaced my addiction from Destiny with other MMOs like Elder Scrolls online and Planetside 2"

thats just some of the excuse i've read but then they go back to playing Destiny to start the grind again. it is an addiction. the game is a gambling simulator and like a gambler Destiny players keep going back.

joab7771221d ago

This game isn't even in the same universe as "but raping". Yeah, $60 plus the season pass, and a reasonable amount for an expansion. If you wanna see real rape, check out DCUO, or a myriad of other games that are f2p, or have a sub AND use microtransactions.

Yeah, Destiny is in a spotlight so it stands out against other AAA games. But it's an mmo, and those who play it alot have more than got their money's worth.

Most ppl that take issue w/ it, it's b/c they see the potential and want more. They would even be willing to pay, b/c it's worth the money. Compared to other mmo's the cost is minimal, and compared to other AAA games, there's a ton of content. CoD gets ppl for $100 every year. But ppl play for 1000+ hrs. It's better than many games you play for 20 hrs and never touch again.

Hereiamhereibe21221d ago

There are A LOT of free to play games that arent Pay to Win, Been playing Planetside 2 for years and never dropped a dime on it, paid 15 bucks for one DLC on DCUO logged more than 800 hours into a game that i put 15 bucks into? That cant be worth it right? The problem Destiny has is that they charge more for less content than these games give you for free. Destiny needs to take note from real MMOs. If the game has enough content and is fun, people will buy hundreds of dollars of vanity and boosters. Theres no reason to charge for a single raid and a couple good guns, ESO has 20+ raids at launch, Destiny had but One.

KuroKazuma1221d ago

it's too late for destiny..
next destiny game needs a reboot to use the "huge portential", but this will never happen
9 more annoying destiny years until this game is gone :/

joab7771221d ago

From a PR perspective, maybe. Also, a reset on their progression would help. It's gotten a bit convoluted.

That said, it can be fixed in both regards. Next yr, instead of a sequel, they need a relaunch of sorts. Add new classes, flesh out the story, find a clear, progression system that can be the basis of all further updates, and it would be fine.

There's too much good here to just scrap it and move on to a sequel. But they need a team working for the next yr on determing the oath for the next 5 yrs. Relaunch in 2016 for a good price, and it WILL work.

Also, Activision, let Bungie determine and fully realize the game they intended.

Hereiamhereibe21221d ago

Activision hasnt let them do anything they wanted, did you watch any of the E3s prior to release? They wanted to make a COMPLETELY different game.

Baka-akaB1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

It has more than potential , it got gameplay too , what's missing is the content and it being fairly priced

Ripsta7th1221d ago

Story is the most important to me, and that was one of the worst

pompombrum1221d ago

Still a better love story than twi.. wait nevermind.

Hereiamhereibe21221d ago

Story is important, but in an MMO it should not be the main priority and they understood that well. If Destiny 1 had this amazing story everyone wanted those same people would not be playing at all to this day. You have to understand to have a hundred cutscenes would have butchered this game more than it already was, think about it like this. They didnt even plan on having Raids until the lead Story writer quit.

Baka-akaB1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

I think you're missing a bit the point , it's not about not having enough cutscenes ... the few scenes actually present ingame are actually good . And nothing prevents it from having a story ... it's obvious for everyone that it wasnt some grand design on that end , but a game being rushed , with internal struggles , cutbacks , and removal of content

it's mind boggling stuff like having the whole important plot of the game not only on collectible cards , but with those only accessible within a an app that isnt even built into the game , but a mobile phone or webbrowser app !!!

And actually stories have been important in mmos since games like FFXI and WoW came along . People are fine with a grind , onlythey wanna feel a purpose and excitement about it , and storytelling (and pvp) are a great way to masquerade said grind . Games like KOTOR , Guild wards , FFXIV etc all do a great job at storytelling tailored for mmos .

Destiny self admittely isnt an mmo , but it got shortcomings from circa 90s mmos , despite behaving like a mmo and without any of the upsides of the genre .

Baka-akaB1221d ago

That would fall under the "content" part

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