Dark Souls 3 fans should be looking forward to at least one of these

GotGame writes: If you like Dark Souls, these are the things you should be hoping for.

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Giru0171198d ago

*sigh* I swear that these generic articles don't contribute anything, this isn't news, why are they being approved?

Not only that, the writer clearly doesn't know much about the series, seeing as there's no mention of Valley of Defilement in Demon's Souls. Uniformed comments about known info such as "praise the sun" being in DS3 (unfortunately, since this has devolved into a trope and buzzword for the most part like it's needless addition to DS2)...

So dark souls fans should look forward to a stage, a emote, bonfires and bosses? ummm thanks.

Indomito1198d ago

Totally agree,
The author pretty much said nothing with this click-bait article.

Let me add some to it...
AND you will probably be able to partake in online interactions with other players!

AND perhaps even ROLL by pressing O+direction!

Vanfernal1198d ago

Dark Souls 3 fans? What are they? Fans of how the game is being developed? How can you be a fan of something that isn't even out yet?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1198d ago

Why was this even approved. How insanely shit can writing get?

TheOpenWorlder1198d ago

I'm a big fan of the imminent downgrade to 360 levels like Dark Souls 2.

From Software are pieces of shits.