Assassin’s Creed Unity was kind of great after all

Launch bugs, crappy economy and tedious missions aside, Assassin’s Creed Unity has a lot going for it.

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mnitroy1222d ago

I agree actually. I waited until all the major patches were out to play it (which is something I shouldn't have to do but) but I think a lot of people decided not to play it because Ubisoft refuses to delay it and I'm interested to see how this affects the franchise in the future.

nX1222d ago

I'd say Unity was mediocre, 2 & 4 were much better games. This franchise needs a healthy break just like Call Of Duty.

Chocoburger1222d ago

I agree with your agreement. I had a free Redbox game rental offer, so I decided to give Unity a try to see for myself how bad (or good) it was, this was 2 weeks ago after all the patches had been released.

I ended up enjoying the game much more than I thought I would and the framerate (PS4 version) ran quite well. There was still some frame dropping, but overall it held up well enough that it wasn't a distraction.

The game recently dropped to under $19 on Amazon, so I decided to go for the purchase. The article is correct stating that Unity shouldn't have been released in its original state, and Ubisoft deserves all the hate that it got for doing so, but today, the game is pretty darn good. Can't wait for my Unity copy to arrive in the mail and play it to completion!

1222d ago
fermcr1222d ago

"Assassin’s Creed Unity was kind of great after all"

No it wasn't. It was average. Assassin’s Creed series needs to rest for a few years.

Thefreeman0121222d ago

I own most assassins creeds in the series except for liberty and rogue but I still haven't got around to finishing unity. I used to love the series but I think I need a break from it. I miss the good ones like Ac1&2 though

KentBlake1222d ago

I don't think it was great. It wasn't as bad as most people said, but it was bland. The graphics were amazing, but the city was very samey...not a lot o variety at all, and all the same color.

The story was kinda meh, although I liked some of the sidequests.

To me, Brotherhood, 2 and Black Flag are still by far the best installments of this series.

Disclaimer: I'm a big fan of the franchise, and played ALL games - including the portable ones - except for Rogue, which I'll still play on PC this year, since it seems the PS4 version isn't coming after all.

FullmetalRoyale1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

My issue is that while some of the ideas were good, I felt they were so poorly implemented that the fun could not be found by me. The gameplay is nowhere near tight enough. One thing I can give to Watch Dogs is when you are taking out a gang territory using a strict stealth approach it worked for the most part. Snapping to cover worked, and switching cover worked. I feel like that Watch Dogs has more potential, though there was more bad than good imho. Whereas I feel like AC is no longer for me, that is unless I get another naval based one. I have been trying to make myself get into the stories since AC:Brotherhood and it hasn't worked yet.
I hope fans continue to enjoy it, but for me the ship has sailed.

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The story is too old to be commented.