Podcast Unlocked 202: What if Microsoft Bought AMD?

Ryan Mccaffrey writes "It's impossible to follow the once-in-a-lifetime episode 201, but we do our best by dissecting a rumor that suggests Microsoft may be looking to buy Xbox One and PS4 chipmaker AMD. What would it mean for the current consoles? How about the Xbox 4 and PlayStation 5? We discuss it in detail. Plus: we lament some of the E3 Game Critics Award winners and give our take on the first trailer for Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode."

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Crimzon1196d ago

That would have a huge effect on the entire computing industry, not just consoles. Nintendo & Sony would be put in a difficult position as would Microsoft's main rival in the computing space, Apple. I think a lot of Apple products rely on AMD chips, and future iMac models are rumored to be going with AMD as well. I'm not sure if Microsoft would be breaching anti-competition laws?

lxeasy1196d ago

I don't see Microsoft keeping AMD specs from the competition if they do buy it, they would want to make as much money from AMD I would think.

ABizzel11195d ago

OMG Ryan McCaffery needs to quit IGN and go work for Xbox Wire. There are plenty of fans at IGN who love a specific console, but he is by far the biggest fanboy of them all. I don't even know where to start with this podcast, but thank god for Alaina Lee for setting him straight every chance she could.


MS could very well buy AMD, but like Lee said it makes absolutely no sense outside of Xbox. AMD CPU and GPU aren not the most power consuming friendly, and there chips just won't work nearly as good in a smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile device in comparison to ARM & Intel which use much less power which is highly beneficial for battery life.

It makes no sense to buy them. And his entire point was so that Xbox can make a stab at PlayStation. LOL, Why so bitter?

AMD offer nothing for MS outside of having proprietary parts for build the XB4, and Sony could easily go with PowerPC again or Intel for CPUs, and NVIDIA for a GPU, it might cost more, but Sony has proven they can still sell just as good as the Xbox can at $100 more, and with an Intel CPU they would hands down have a better CPU for gaming with anything from the 3000 series and beyond.

Then he's quick to shut down the fact that MS bought and fired a large portion of Nokia's workforce, because it's about mobile and not about gaming. LOL, stop.

On to the E3 awards.

What did you expect? New beats old most of the time at these awards unless it's a huge established franchise. Halo is on it's 7th FPS in teh franchise and while it looks good it's simply more Halo (what fans want, but it's still just more Halo).

Tomb Raider looked good as well, but again it looks like more Tomb Raider because the demo they showed didn't do the game any justice, the last game was released 2013 at the end of the generation, it had a remaster 2014, and now we're getting the sequel 2015.

Forza 6 will be a great racing game, but again we know what to expect.

Recore & Sea of Thieves didn't have enough shown to really be up for anything.

And Cuphead has an amazing artstyle, and that's it's biggest selling point (although it does look fun).

You're complaining about Uncharted 4 winning best graphics over Cuphead. Really! Best artstyle Cuphead is a frontrunner, best graphics No chance.

No Man's Sky winning Best Indie, which is a given considering the scope and scale of this game.

Horizon winning best New IP.

Complaining about Halo 5 (the 7th fps) losing to Battlefront for FPS.

HoloLens losing to Oculus.

No XBO game winning against Fallout 4 for GOTS.

What's wrong with you? The only one that I would even remotely give you is Forza 6 vs. Need for Speed, but if N4S is like Underground then it's not a cut and dry pick either.

Go sit down somewhere.

Then when they talk about Edge of nowhere, he only mentions them making Sunset Overdrive. No mention of Spyro, Ratchet, Resistance. Nothing.


Go work for Xbox Wire and fanboy out there, no one would fault you and you can quit pretending to be neutral. As much as Gregg, Colin, Brian, and Jose show their love for PS / Nintendo, they also give credit where it's due. Ryan.....LMAO.

Several seats. You shouldn't be working at a neutral gaming site if you're fanboying out. I understand you're part of the Xbox division, but it's just too much.

Mitch you're cool, Ryan go sit down somewhere.

JasonKCK1196d ago

"I'm not sure if Microsoft would be breaching anti-competition laws"

I think that only works when there are no other choices. AMD isn't the only chip maker.

rainslacker1195d ago

Even if there were no competition, MS would have to actively try and prevent competition from gaining a foothold in some way. If no one else wants to compete, for whatever reason, that's not MS fault.

Anyhow, MS wouldn't likely keep tech away from other companies. There is no reason for them to. They'd probably operate it as an independent subsidy, and would want to maximize profit.

MS has many contracts and business goings ons with many competitors.

lxeasy1196d ago

I didn't know that was the current state of AMD, great podcast very informative. I wonder if Microsoft will actually buy AMD now?

ltachiUchiha1196d ago

ANY corporation with the money that MS has would just buy up anything that can make MORE money out of, that includes Sony & Nintendo if they had that kind of money. Lucky for them there is a LIMIT to wat u can go after otherwise if it was up to MS they would just buy up the best 3rd party IP's & as timed exclusive's & force gamers to have to buy an xb1 just like they did with Tomb Raider which sold %70 more on ps4. That is proof that MS will go out on a limb to sway ps4 gamers to buy an xb1 especially those who dont want to wait for it to eventually come to ps4. I feel if MS was smart they should have done this deal ith FO4 or the next GTA if they really want to sway sony fanboys to buy their system instead of Tomb Raider IMO.

jukins1196d ago

I could see everyone going back to purely custom chips or going to Intel. Don't know any Corp who likes to put money into the competitions hands.

Bigpappy1196d ago

Really? Why does Sony use Windows on their Laptops? Why do they still use Skype and Mind Craft?

jukins1196d ago

Sony doesn't sell laptops anymore. Minecraft just recently became a Microsoft property and Skype isn't on ps4 so you were saying?

@flex luger even in sonys financial state they could still afford to rd custom chips playstation is its focus with them getting out of laptops and maybe cell phones and tv there's more capital to invest in its money maker. Not to say they will but they could. As far as Intel being to expensive if sony where to approach them with the potential to sell 70+million chips a deal will can be made.

All I'm saying is neither sony nor nintendo want to directly help Microsoft revenue which could be used to enhance the xbox brands marketshare. Not to mention Microsoft would have direct insight into what the console makers plans are as far as hardware. But if microsoft/amd provided the beat terms financially by a Longshot then they'd still use amd.

FlexLuger1196d ago

Doubtful. In sony's current financial state, I doubt they would be able to develop technically competitive hardware at a competitive price. that is why they went with AMD in the first place. They cannot afford to make 'emotion engines' and 'cells' anymore.

Intel is too pricey for sony or nintendo, hence why they have never used them. MS is the only company to ever use an intel CPU in a console. FYI intel's own GPUs suck.

So that leaves ARM. Nintendo have worked with them before on handheld stuff. But im not sure big power CPUs are not their thing. And that still leaves the issue of a GPU even if they could come up with a solution to that. Going the ARM route against a AMD owned and back MS would be dangerous. So maybe Nvidia does the GPU...but they also cost a lot of money like intel CPUs. It was the weak link in PS3. remember the PS3 GPU is inferior to X360 GPU. Its cell that gives it the extra grunt in games. In other words...they wont get the Cost/performance ratio that an in housed AMD will provide to MS.

What does it mean for MS? Ill post that separate.

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