Rumor: Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps incoming?

Capcom has just registered a new trademark for something called "Umbrella Corps."

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Arsenic131255d ago

ORC's concept isn't terrible, it's just the game itself that is. I'd be all for a game from Umbrella's side with solid shooter gameplay.

breakpad1255d ago

the idea was good but terrible implemented by western , bad programmers , if they had given the game to japanese developers it may have been a lot better ...lets if they try the same formula but with new talented japanese developers

Skate-AK1255d ago

Western Devs could do RE fine. Slant Six was known to be a B class Dev. Capcom trying to save money and slapping Resident Evil in the name. Like EA did with Battlefield Hardline.

NarooN1255d ago

Honestly only the campaign really sucked. It was laughably bad. The multiplayer was actually really fun if you were in to PvP type multiplayer shooters.

BenRage31255d ago

Call me crazy, but I wouldn't mind another rail shooter from Capcom. I liked the Resident Evil Chronicles (and Dark side), and a more updated version on the new systems would be a blast....see what I did there?

spacedelete1255d ago

i'm hoping its a HD collection of Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 for PS4.

pompombrum1255d ago

Do many people actually want a remaster of 5 and 6? 4 sure but 5 and 6 were a blight on the series imho.

NarooN1255d ago

"Many people" bought the hell out of RE5 and 6, so I'm sure a "Definitive Edition" for PS4/X1 would sell decently and be financially viable for Capcom.

And personally I LOVED Mercenaries mode from RE5 and 6.

pompombrum1255d ago

Many people bought the hell out of RE5, last I checked, RE6 tanked hence why Capcom are in a really bad position at the moment.

pompombrum1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

I just hope it isn't some sort of military shooter themed Resident Evil game.

Best case scenario, hopefully they're rebooting the series (which it's badly in need of imho) and deciding to show the initial outbreak of the virus through the eyes of an Umbrella Corps team who are sent in to deal with it.

Master-Assassin1255d ago

I think it's a mobile game. Next year we should be getting Resident Evil 7 since the movie Resident Evil The Final Chapter comes out Sept. 2016.

skydragoonity1255d ago

I've lost hope in resident evil

fitfox1255d ago

yeah, its sort of ironic that RE 6's slogan was No Hope Left lulz.

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The story is too old to be commented.