Fallout MMORPG for 2010?

Interplay seems to be planning production of a Fallout MMOG in 2007, with a view to launching the game in 2010 Well, that's according to a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing anyway - brought to our attention by Blue's News - in which it's stated that the budget for the project totals a whopping $75,000,000 "and will be funded by Interplay, its development and distribution partners."

An overview of the game is provided too: "The Fallout MMOG will be developed in the highly recognized Fallout post Nuclear Apocalyptic world giving consumers an ongoing virtual experience of today's life as if the cold war, which lasted for the best part of the second half of last century, had led to a nuclear disaster."

Interplay first revealed its intention to take Fallout into the MMORPG genre in 2004, but following the company's well-documented financial problems and assumed demise, it looked like it was game over for the title.

But now it appears that isn't the case, with Interplay apparently still breathing - although details in the filing have been met with scepticism (particularly the budget), and doubts that the MMOG will ever see the light of day shouted onto the internet.

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