Fallout SPECIAL Anthology Edition Launches on April 11

Bethesda has just announced a Fallout S.P.E.C.I.A.L Anthology set, housing all seven games of the series and their DLCs.

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shinoff218396d ago

Please for ffs be for console to. Idc even if it's xbox pc only I want those first 2 on console so bad.

darthv7295d ago (Edited 95d ago )

only $60 for the updated nuke... i paid $50 for the previous one that came with discs but only up to FO4.

thorstein95d ago

Approve the story then. It's an acronym and should be all caps. He needs to remove the report.

-Foxtrot96d ago

Really don't see the point when it's just Steam Codes

The last one released in 2015 had actual discs for each one

If they wanted to do another then they should have gone bigger with it, have discs, include an artbook, steelbook, other little goodies and made the Nuke more detailed.

shinoff218396d ago

Still sucks the consoles or console is getting the shaft yet again. They made the og wasteland on fking xbox for fks sake they can't do the og fallout and tactics? Come on bethesada I'd even buy this one even if it was xbox only

darthv7295d ago

I have the one from years ago. It did not come with FO4 but it was cool it included a spot for it in the collection. I got it for my son from gamestop for like $50 on clearance. I later got him the pipboy PC edition as that had the FO4 disc for him to add to this set.

ocelot0795d ago

Missed out on this a few years ago and goes for stupid money these days. So just got my order in.

MatrixxGT94d ago

Hope this means they update those old games to run on modern pcs. Fallout 3 sucks on win10/11.

Yui_Suzumiya94d ago

Yeah, I had to install a patch just so it would run on my laptop, lol


Todd Howard Has No Plans to Retire, Open to Other Studios Making Fallout Games

In a recent interview, Todd Howard revealed that he has no plans to retire and reiterated Bethesda's openness to help from other studios.

DOMination-25d ago

Oh great, now we have to deal with Anasts Bethesda fetish indefinitely.

Thanks a lot, Todd

anast24d ago

You're welcome for the free entertainment. Usually, it comes at a cost of $70 because of inflation.

Crows9024d ago

That's an inflated price...

anast24d ago (Edited 24d ago )


It would be if it weren't a valuable resource.

mastershredder25d ago

"with no plans to retire anytime soon" I mean this is like a common news topic involving his name. Knock it off and do some actual newsing. This is like the biggest "No Duh" article of the day, and several sites had to regurgitate it. Geez. So lame.

OtterX24d ago

"Batman. I like the idea that if I had enough money, time, and vengeance, I could become him." - Todd Howard


This is when he'll retire.

nmbr1esq24d ago

He doesn't have to retire, just the stupid outdated garbage creation engine.

Kados24d ago

Netimmerse 4.0, presumably 5.0 for TES6. They should give the Fallout IP to Obsidian, and have it made in UE5.