Why the PS Vita deserves more love

Gameskinny: "The current handheld market is tough. Not only does PlayStation Vita have to contend with its long-time rival, the Nintendo 3DS, but it also has to compete with mobile gaming, which has seen an increase in popularity so vast it now rivals the console market itself."

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Nonscpo1202d ago

I agree that the Vita needs more attention, but I question some of the points brought up in this article in terms of relevance. AR is also possible on the 3DS, and touchscreens aren't anything new or revolutionary.

TwilightSparkle1202d ago

Cause paying customers paid for this device to play games

vongruetz1202d ago

In hindsight, the inclusion of the AR stuff was unnecessary. The Vita was trying to do too much right out of the gate that it didn't have the singular focus that the PS4 launched with. It also didn't help that the system shunned children when it launched with few (if any) games that kids would enjoy.

I'm also convinced that their early marketing campaign was horrible. It was solely focused on being able to take your console game on the go, which to me is not the main selling point of the Vita (and to a lot of others who rarely leave their house with their Vitas).