Sony won’t even be among the exhibitors at Gamescom 2015

It looks like PlayStation 4 manufacturer won’t be in any manner involved during Koln’s manifestation.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1201d ago

They still have TGS and their own Playstation Experience now. No need to attend every show, every year.

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uth111201d ago

And Paris Games week, which they are doing instead of Gamescom

MasterCornholio1201d ago

Doesn't look like a small event to me.


Im guessing Sony wants to get more things ready which is why they aren't jumping into gamescom this year.

Rookie_Monster1201d ago

Supposedly, a briefing is also on the list for Sony at the Paris event. Here hoping GT7 and maybe a new Santa Monica game will be announced. Either way, looking forward to it.

uth111201d ago

@MasterCornholio - Yeah, Sony said because E3 was late and Gamescom was early this year- the events were too close together.

Midane1201d ago

Guys, this article is WRONG.

Shu Yoshida had an interview during E3 with Colin and Greg from KindaFunny. Fast forward to 32:45! myujIE

Shu Yoshida: "Gamescom...we still do the event and show games for the german fans, but are not doing any big press conference".

There you have it. See you in Köln! ;-)

jb2271200d ago

I'm guessing that since Quantic Dream are french devs that their next title will be revealed at Paris Games week. It's pretty crazy to think that Sony will have no fewer than 4 conference appearances this year, all w/ most likely at least one interesting game announcement. It was always just a matter of time for Sony's first parties to start cranking out PS4 titles, and given Sony's penchant for allowing their devs full freedom, when they start hitting, it will come fast & furious. Shu has said we've only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of first party exclusives for the PS4 & I'd be inclined to believe that solely based off of the studios that exist & have put out quality titles prior to this gen. If Horizon is anything to go by regarding the future of the PS4, I'd say the future looks mighty bright, Gamescom appearances or not.

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Septic1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Err what. Gamescom is absolutely massive and before we kept hearing that they would be exhibiting there and that excused them somewhat.

Now this is pretty weird. Not even exhibiting at Gamescom?? This info must be wrong .

MasterCornholio1201d ago

Sounds fishy to me. I can't imagine Sony not having a few booths there.

uth111201d ago

I thought I heard they'd have a presence, just no press conference. Maybe it is wrong?

ShinMaster1201d ago

They will be at Gamescom, but they won't have a big conference there.

They're doing Paris Games week and TGS.

Manic20141201d ago

I don't think there's a PlayStation Experience this year. TGS and Paris Game Show i believe are the two which they're attending.

jb2271200d ago

There is absolutely a PSX this year considering one of the announcements at last year's event was that it would be a yearly ongoing showcase. Whereas every gaming convention is geared towards press & industry, PSX is geared solely towards gamers, so even if they were bereft of new announcements (chances are mighty high that they aren't), they would still throw the showcase to allow gamers to get hands-on w/ upcoming titles. I wouldn't be surprised if GoW 4 is announced at PSX this year though, its already associated w/ the event after last year's accidental unveiling, it would be a really cool moment if Santa Monica came out saying "oh yeah, that thing we mentioned last year? Here it is."

majiebeast1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Same thing happened last year with the attendance list. They will be at Gamescom. Shu also confirmed it in the Kindafunny interview.

Christopher1201d ago

To be honest, I understand not doing a press event, but not even doing the typical exhibition is something that confuses me. I mean, just throw in the same games from E3 and have the same people saying the same thing at least.

I don't get this. Is it a money thing? Is it some exclusivity deal with Paris Game Week or something?

Sevir1201d ago

They said they needed more time to present, and with E3 being a week later and Gamescon being a week earlier than last year, they wanted more time to organize an event for Europe, so they chose to do something in October at Paris Game Week where they'll host a media briefing and a huge community event for all their European partners and in-house European studios to showcase... They mentioned this in May before E3, and Adam Boyes confirmed that his team is concentrating it's efforts for big announcements and partnerships for Paris Games Week, he said this after Sony's E3 press conference.

And Shu said that while Paris Games Week is on the docket for big media briefing, the NEXT big showing for SCEI is Tokyo Game Show in September.

And They've already confirmed that PSX is an annual thing now. So they've got 3 other venues for the year to make big announcements... Skipping Gamescon to organize a whole other event between two other large events means they are covered...

Azzanation1200d ago

The question isn't about the effect it will have on PS4 but the question is why no attendance. Could it be a lack of funds, a lack of games or a lack of care? There are gamers that expect Sony to be there, why avoid them, its not like Gamescon is a small event.

They can still attend Paris and obviously PSX, but there main competitors will be at Gamescon so why not at least show up?

Playstation can be fine without attending anymore shows for the rest of the year but... Why give your competition free room?

XanderZane1199d ago

That's like saying there's no need to attend E3. Gamescom is the biggest Euro gaming event. Neither Paris or TGS will be as big as Gamescom. I only reason I can see Sony not attending Gamescom is because 1) They really won't have anything new to show so soon. 2) They didn't want to spend the large amount of money to host another extravagant event.

It could be a little bit of both.

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MasterCornholio1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Hopefully their attendance at Paris Games Week makes up for it.

On and PSX.


I'm not worried at all.

-Kicks back and relaxes-

Off Topic: BTW I just started Playing Bravely Default on my 2DS and so far I adore the game.

Septic1201d ago

Looks like you're not the only one kicking back and relaxing. Sony must at least show off some stuff or exhibit games at Gamescom imo.

MasterCornholio1201d ago

There's really no need to worry with Sony. I've been with them since the PS1 days so I know how things work with them.

Soon I'll have so many games to play that I'll have to decide on which ones to play first.

Living the good life.

GribbleGrunger1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

You also have to take into account the state of gaming in Europe. The PS4 has 70% of the overall userbase in Europe (including the WiiU may I add) and 90% in 'some' parts of continental Europe. Germany is on lock down as far as PS4 is concerned; more so than France, which I would consider a big clue as to why they've chosen the Paris event over Gamescom. Sony are using the Paris event to bring France up to Germany levels of install base. It makes perfect sense.

Last weeks top 100 in Germany:

PS4 42 titles
XB1 5 titles.

They've made the right move.

Septic1201d ago


"You also have to take into account the state of gaming in Europe. The PS4 has 70% of the overall userbase in Europe"

Yeah that's a point but as far as gamers are concerned, it does leave them in the lurch. Just imagining no Sony presence at Gamescom is really really odd.

When I was there, the Germans were MASSIVE fans of the PS4 and them being a no show, even not showing any games, it strikes me as odd. Do they not have confidence in their 2015 lineup?

MasterCornholio1201d ago


From a business point of view that makes complete sense. Also the proximity of e3 and gamescom probably helped solidify their decision.

GribbleGrunger1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


The Germans have the internet and they'll watch the Sony press conference in exactly the same way I will in the UK. If this move DOES indeed lose Sony a little ground for a while, it will be more than made up for with the extra exposure in Paris. When you've lapped your opponent you really don't need to worry about stopping to tie your laces.

The Germans also LOVE their COD.

Septic1201d ago


It's more the attendees of Gamescom that lose out, not Sony. Sony are untouchable in Germany imo

Christopher1201d ago

@GribbleGrunger: "They made the right move."

I disagree. You don't show support for your fans by ignoring them at the biggest gaming event in the world.

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Blues Cowboy1201d ago

Wait, they're not even turning up on the public floor? That's... very silly. Gamescom is the biggest games expo in the world and open to the public, even Ninty sees the value in bringing some games along.

But then again, all us Europeans own a PS4 anyway.

Nosred1201d ago

Ps4 has no game to compete with the big AAA Ms, so they ignore predferen Europeans.

Blues Cowboy1201d ago

They've got plenty to show and more to the point, Gamescom is also about big games that are recently/already out as well as community events, giveaways, promos etc. Gives the fanbase a place to meet and rally.

Spotie1201d ago

Don't know why this is allowed to continue.

Just cut it out, man. This is getting so old...

Nosred1201d ago

The Sony should pay more attention to the personal europe, since GamesCon is the largest gaming event taking E3, not to mention the lack of major titles to AAA ps4 this year, niche games like Down Until do not count ..

Rookie_Monster1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

I think more than anything, Sony should definitely make an attempt to show up at the biggest European game show of the year. I mean, EU is like their biggest market and by not even being there, that is sending out the wrong message. They should let Europeans try out games like Uncharted 4, Horizon, Ratchet and maybe tease GT7 to the market where racing games are popular.

Don't know why they are MIA in Europe's main game show of all places. Maybe they just ran out of new stuff to show and don't want to recap E3 ..who knows.

LordMaim1201d ago

They said two months ago that they weren't going to be at Gamescom. Why would they reveal a bunch of games there instead of at their own Playstation Experience?

Blues Cowboy1201d ago

Not sure why you're getting disagrees. Fair enough that they're not holding a press conference, but they should at least hit the show floor and let people get hands on with Until Dawn etc.

Gority1201d ago

You do realize that nobody "tried" Uncharted 4 or Horizon. They didn't have hands on demos at E3, why would they have them at Gamescom?

They have 3 other game shows this year. TGS, PGW, and PSX, not to mention they almost always have something for the VGAs or The Game Awards. Do you really think they "ran out of stuff to show" if they have three more press conferences?

Also.... MS doesn't have a TGS conference because it isn't popular in Japan, and they don't have a PSX type event, so in the long run, Sony still has an additional presser to fill with content than MS.

Mkai281201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

But Sony is popular in EU, so why wouldn't they show up for its fans that support them? It's like, thanks for your support. Maybe we'll see you in 2016?

But it could be strategy, they could have less games to show this year. They probably want to also counter what Microsoft will show at gamescom and antalize from there. Then add certain things to Paris and TGS, But it's still better to show up with the same thing then to not show up at all.

Hoffmann1201d ago

Does not matter since they have the Playstation Experience coming ^^

Manic20141201d ago

Have they stated there will be another PSX this year? I thought it was a one time event for the 20th Anniversary.

Hoffmann1201d ago

Yes they did

PlayStation’s Adam Boyes confirmed during a stream on Sunday afternoon that there wasn’t a slip-up in the PlayStation Keynote; PSX will be held annually from this day forward.

raWfodog1201d ago

They previously stated that it was up to the fans:

Angeljuice1201d ago

They hinted that it may become an annual thing after the success of the first one. They asked fans what they thought of the idea of making it a regular event.