Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games

WatchMojo: "We are looking at the best gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender charters in video games, but only looking at canonically LGBT charters, and not customizable characters like Mass Effect's Commander Shepard, or your Sims."

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Halo2ODST22266d ago

What a pointless article! next we'l be seeing top 10 hetrosexual characters which is just as stupid.

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Kalebninja2266d ago

Pretty sure pecking the only friend you ever had on the lips when you're like 13 doesn't make you lesbian. Plus she always referred to her as her best friend and never made it seem like more.

JakeAndBake2266d ago

Im pretty sure Druckmann himself said he intended for Ellie to be gay while writing the story for the DLC. It doesn't matter to me either way, Ellie is awesome and one of my favorite video game characters of all time.

Javery2266d ago

Yeah, and Rowling said that Dumbledore was gay, so what qualifies someone as gay? Dumbledore never had a sexual relationship in the Harry Potter books, but I guess since Rowing was thinking about the character having gay sex while she wrote the books that it must be so. This shit is bananas.

Let's be clear on what it means to be a homosexual because the media states that it's all about love of another from the same sex. No, if a heterosexual guy screws twenty chicks it doesn't mean he loved them. I love my Dad. Does that make me gay? Of course not. Being gay means you like to stick your penis in a man's butt or as a girl you like to munch rugs. Simple as that.

Adrian_v012266d ago

The amount of stupid in this comment section is way too high.


If that's your point of view then sorry to say but, you didn't get Dumbledore as a character, you didn't get Ellie as a character and you don't get human attraction at all.

What qualifies Dumbledore as gay is that yes, mostly the women who created him made him like that, but second to that, I don't know maybe the "unique" relationship he had with Grindelwald, his readiness to do anything for him, his belief in the existence of unconditional love and his choice to stay away from love for the rest of his life cause he got burned, and the wizard world isn't pictured fondly of gays.

On Ellie, again mainly cause the guy who created her wanted her to be like that, second to that her tough attitude, possibly by noticing she's different and accepting Riley as her only friend cause they understood each other. I also love the details in TLoU, it was a kiss out of attraction. It's psychology, before the kiss Ellie's eyes travel between Riley's eyes and lips, it's a sign of sexual attraction.

Lastly, your definition of love and sexuality is rather sad, and if you're worried about media's influence you might look at the mirror. If a guy "screws" 20 girls he may still not be heterosexual, and if you love your dad you may indeed still be homosexual. Duh, just go read some books man.

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ClayRules20122266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

I personally wasn't bothered by Ellie being gay. Ellie, "In my opinion" is one of the most most believable characters in gaming, EVER. Amazingly written, by Neil Druckman, & Brilliantly portrayed by Ashley Johnson.

I loved Ellie before I knew her sexual orientation, & I love her now, while knowing her sexual orientation. Its the person she is, that I love. "In my opinion" Her sexual orientation shouldn't matter.

Javery2266d ago

You weren't bothered because Ellie was a girl who kissed a girl. Had Ellie been Eddie and made out with Jack Harkness you wouldn't have liked it so much. Unless, that is, you're a creep.

Javery2266d ago

The industry needs more guys who cut off their own dicks and dress like women.

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