Why Disgaea is Here to Stay

Vince Ingenito writes "Recently, at E3, amidst the bright lights and packed appointment schedules, I sat down to play an English language build of Disgaea 5 for the first time. Both the game, and the experience itself, was practically the opposite of everything that E3 and the video game industry as whole has become."

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nidhogg1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

I just don't like playing games like these on the living room. For short bursts, Disgaea is the best brain teaser of a game. Fun story too. That said, I won't be buying D5 until a portable version is made.

PhoenixUp1203d ago

Uh Remote Play makes everything portable

nidhogg1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Uh. I'm talking about playing the game anytime not only outside of the living room but also outside of the house where I can't bring my PS4 anytime. And yes I know it's possible to do remote play using two routers but what are the chances that i'll get a stable connection?

Hanso1203d ago

They wont make a portable version google it if you dont believe me.

3-4-51202d ago

Last Disgaea game for Vita was 4.

So we could get D2 for Vita still.

blackblades1202d ago

I half agree, after playing 3 on the vita I felt it was better played on handheld, with all dlc. On the other hand I wouldn't have it stop me from getting disgaea 5 on ps4. So yeah guess you won't be playing cause they said it's not coming to vita cause it wouldn't handle it.

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TomatoDragon1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Disgaea 4 is my current addiction on my Vita. I somehow lost over 50 hours and it went by like a flash...and haven't even finished chapter 4 yet.

Hanso1203d ago

you should really concentrate on the story first.
As more you advance the more stuff you can unlock in the game.

TomatoDragon1202d ago

I have been. Hilarious so far.

TheColbertinator1203d ago

Disgaea is great. Been getting better over the years

Veneno1203d ago

Not in my opinion. The first 2 were wonderful. 3 seemed to lose its way a bit. And I haven't even checked out 4 or D2 yet. But 5 actually looks like a breakthrough point in the series that I will be checking out.

Hanso1202d ago

agree 3 wasnt that good but D4 and DD2 are among D1 my fav Games in the Series.
I hope D5 joins them.