Is The New Xbox Elite Controller A Mistake?

Alex has been waiting since E3 for somebody to talk about the new Xbox controller from a multiplayer balancing point of view. Instead, everyone has been talking about the price, whether its worth getting and how customisable it is.

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fermcr1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

"Is The New Xbox Elite Controller A Mistake?"

No. It's simply another good option. Some people will purchase it, others will not... just like $150 PC keyboards, mouses, headphones, etc.

If there are people willing to purchase $400-500 steering wheels for games, why not a $150 controller?

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Lon3wolf1903d ago


Exactly, I wouldn't have one at that price but they are a good option to those that can/want to spend the cash on one. Once/if they drop in price I may get one then.

OC_MurphysLaw1903d ago

Right there with you. If it go closer to $100 I'd bite. Hoping for a black Friday deal.

abradley1903d ago

At last, someone who speaks more sense then. God damn PS4 fanboy trashing my shit!

I'm sort of want this to be the next normal controller as not only does everyone get the benefit but the balancing of gameplay should be evened out as well.

It seems nobody however gives a fuck about that?

4Sh0w1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

"Is The New Xbox Elite Controller A Mistake?"

-If you have to ask then its not for you....preorders look good, its going to sell well to those who like luxury gaming accessories like me, I spent over $500 on my wheel setup alone just for Forza....and thats after last gen with me putting about a grand into a wheel setup that I cant use now.

Buying at least 1 customizable controller every gen is a no brainer for me....I was going to get a Scuff before Halo5 dropped now the Elite annoucement I was like hell yeah I take that instead.

Azzanation1903d ago

Its expensive but the amount of friends buying one is insane, there not even Xbox fanboys, its just a badass controller.

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level 3601903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Already pre-ordered.

JonnyBigBoss1903d ago

Same. Price scared me, but then I used it at E3 and "got it". This thing is a masterpiece.

yarbie10001903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

The author concludes by saying this controller will drive large quantities of gamers from Xbox multiplayer to PS4.

wtf lol

JasonKCK1903d ago

Yeah obvious is obvious with this piece.

4Sh0w1903d ago

Yeah that statement alone pretty much screams ps fanboy.

Gazondaily1903d ago

Ahaha omg. Wow...because Scuf controllers caused a massive issue didn't it? So silly

StrayaKNT1903d ago

Hahahahaha wow if anything ps4 players will come to xbox because of this legendary controller

Couldntfindasn1903d ago

Lmaoooo funniest line of the article. The author does know that scuff controllers existed before right? This isn't a new idea, they've been around. I'm sure you can get a scuff controller for PS4 too.

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Benchm4rk1903d ago

Nope Already pre ordered mine. Gonna cost me a cool $200 but it will be worth it

Gotcha51903d ago

I did away with fireworks this season and put my money on a Best Buy gift card towards the Elite Controller, Rare Replay and Gears Ultimate.

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