5 Times Games Were Mistaken For Real Life

Nissan USA’s Twitter account goofed up by believing that a couple of screenshots from (the admittedly gorgeous) Driveclub were real-life photographs. And although their tweet was a cover for their own mistake, it is also partially the truth: video games have been getting increasingly realistic. There have been quite a few other instances of games being mistaken for real life content, in some rather more serious situations. So in this list, we take a look at some of the few times games were mistaken for real life.

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1786d ago Replies(3)
oasdada1786d ago

Master chief is among us lol

Relientk771786d ago

I remember the Assassin's Creed one

you can see the viewpoints lol

KingKevo1786d ago

What I love more than the viewpoints are all the hiding spots on the buildings. All the same and too many of them. Looks kinda weird, but apparently not suspicious enough.

nosferatuzodd1786d ago

Lol and these are the people who are giving us news the human race are hopeless

terminallyCapricious1786d ago

Funny stuff and im glad these weren't blocked behind 5 different pages.