The Most Disgusting Dishonored Run You’ve Ever Seen

VGU's Ian writes "I’m pretty good at video games, and there is a good chance you’re even better than me. But we all pale in comparrison to this magnificent specimen. Enter StealthGamerBR from the wonderful world of Youtube. Watch in awe as he shatters your illusions of being even remotely ‘good’ at Dishonored in this run through of the final level. When people as you if games are art, don’t show them Journey, Child of Light or Gone Home, show them this."

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GreetingsfromCanada2295d ago

This guy's a god at every game he plays, good to see he's getting some recognition.

Christopher2295d ago

It's because he puts the dang time in. His videos are just fun to watch, though.

Crimzon2295d ago

The part where he scares the urinating guard into falling to his death was hilarious.

Dishonored is an amazing game, can't wait for the sequel next year.

Rimeskeem2295d ago

He makes games that I couldn't even care to play incredibly interesting.

GameBoyColor2295d ago

This was too dope. I felt like a bad ass just watching it. Then i realized i suck at dishonored.

Roccetarius2295d ago

Hopefully they make even more clever videos possible with Dishonored 2.

TeamLeaptrade2294d ago

Saw this yesterday and wow was it cool. I wish I had this much skill in Dishonored. It's almost as if he was playing on god mode or something. He's a pro for sure!

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