Batman: Arkham Origins | A Diamond In The Rough

To celebrate the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, Throwing Digital Sheep takes a look back at the less loved, Batman: Arkham Origins and tells us why it is worth a second look.

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Yi-Long1229d ago

It seemed to get a bit of 'slack' because it wasn't a big step forward from City, it was made by another studio, and it was a prequel instead of a proper sequel...

... but if you liked Asylum and City, this was basically 'more of the same', which in this case was still a very good and enjoyable game, so I never understood that negativity around it.

I just wish they would have released a GOTY/complete edition for the game, or had announced a HD Remaster/re-release for current-gen.

ThrowingDigitalSheep1229d ago

There is a 'Complete Edition' with all of the DLC but it is hard to find.