The Best Platform Games Ever (That Aren't Mario)

GamesRadar - Platform games are one of gaming's most enduring staples, and you can't really mention them without talking about Mario. Except I am. Put simply, there's no point in me trying to list the best platform games of all time because, like it or not, Mario titles would take up at least 50% of the entries. The best platform game ever made is probably Super Mario Galaxy 2 (so says our Best Games Ever list list). But let's not argue about that. Let's look at the challengers.

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Relientk771858d ago

This list needs the Spyro the Dragon trilogy (PS1)

Germany71858d ago

Also Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter.

Genuine-User1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy is the best platfomer 'I' have ever played.

oasdada1857d ago

After uncharted i hope we see a new Jak game from ND.. oh please make it happenn!!

DragoonsScaleLegends1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

I would like to say a PS1 game but have you replayed them lately? Going back and playing them they are so outdated as far gameplay goes especially my favorite MediEvil. But crash also plays and feels like crap on PS1 now lol. But yeah I would say Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World still hold up extremely well and are some of the best platformers ever. I wish Sony would allow us to play PS1 games on PS4 similar to how Nintendo allows us to play their classics with a save state function.


We are talking about the original Crash right? I find what makes that game hard to play is not the levels but the outdated gameplay lol. The movement feels horrible and definitely with a d-pad. It makes it hard to judge distances or fall off the edge sometimes. I think the Legend of Dragoon holds up way better.

TWB1857d ago

Yeah, I finished the original Spyro trilogy just recently, didnt really see anything wrong with them, did a glitch run to spice things up a bit for 2 and 3. I would say that Crash would seem to age even less considering it still has quite a lot narrov corridors and its not a 3D platformer like Spyro.

Im planning on playing Croc 2 next but as far as I remember, it feels kinda clunky.

Then my yearly playthrough of Tombi 2

TWB1857d ago

While the first Crash game is clearly dated (for example, the save system), its gameplay is still doable but not quite as refined as later Crash games. Croc 2 has probably worse controls and I still find it completely playable.

Crash 2 and 3 on the other hand hold extremely well IMO.

Same thing with Spyro, the first one has some small flaws around but its still an entertaining game. 2 and 3 are so much more refined and movement feels much better.

OhMyGandhi1857d ago

Jeeze...How did they miss that?

So, Spyro, Jak and Daxter, and Sly Cooper....

NukaCola1858d ago

Going to throw a shout out to BUGS BUNNY: LOST IN TIME on PS1. If any of you played it, you know it's like Super Mario 64 in which you go to to different worlds from a hub land with major and minor collectibles.

I love how each world was a Looney Toon themed land with awesome gameplay, metroidvania style areas to unlock, things to collect, and even set ups where you are literally playing classic shows. It was a surprise find for me as a kid and I think if anyone has the chance to play it, will absolutely love it.

FullmetalRoyale1857d ago

That sounds badass. I had never heard of that to my knowledge.

vikingland11857d ago

Yuke yuke trouble makers,aero the acrobat,heart of darkness were all great but I bet most people never heard of them.

TWB1857d ago

Ohh Heart of Darkness.

Its funny, that game left such an impression on me that I still remembered some of the parts like photos in my mind but I had completely forgotten the name of the game (last year). I even tried to search the demo disc I got like from the Kellogs or something, didnt find it... I just wanted to give it another go because I remembered it being pretty hard.

Then I just happened to stumble accross a top 5 list of forgotten games on this site and it just happened to feature Heart of Darkness. I was thrilled.

Even better was the fact that I happened to find the game from my local used games store for good price (because I thought it would be impossible to find one without turning into Ebay). The store owner even asked if I really wanted the game because I was smiling and he said the game was stupid.

It was great to finaly play and finish it after 10 years. Just dipping my toes on that sweet nostalgia sauce.

PlayableGamez1857d ago

Surprised they didn't put Ori and the Blind Forest.

Cernunnos1857d ago

Agreed, that was a fantastic game.

StrayaKNT1857d ago

Agree that's like the best platformer in 10 years

Angeljuice1857d ago

Jumping Flash is the only platformer I have ever cared for.

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