Tales of Zestiria PC pre-orders include Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Zestiria is doing that tiered pre-order thing on Steam, and if enough people buy in early, then everyone who pre-orders will eventually get a free copy of Tales of Symphonia on Steam.

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dead_pixels3003d ago

That's pretty awesome. I'm definitely all for seeing developers offer deals like this more often.


PlayStation Store Games Under $15 Sale: Over 400 Games Under $15

Daily Video Game writes: "PlayStation Store has just launched another new digital game sale that has over 400 games under $15, including many AAA games titled "Games Under $15 Sale" for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 gamers right now!"

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anast470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

Dragon's Dogma and XCOM 2 are the best deals. The rest of the games are still overpriced. I would say 8.99 is good for AC: Origins, but you need to put $10 more into MTs to avoid the grind that slows down the story. So, the game is actually 18.99.

It's not on this list, but Pathfinder: Kingmaker is only $9.99. This is a deal if you have a current gen. consoles, as it runs poorly on prev. gen.

hangdang469d ago

I beat AC origins without grinding or spending any money on MTX?

anast469d ago

I had to grind for side missions. So, did many other people.

HeliosHex469d ago

Has anyone been able to login in to the ps store on ps5 I haven't been able to in days and my network is good.

RedDevils469d ago

Reset or shutdown your PS5. I always can go login to PS5, in fact just a moment ago.

HeliosHex468d ago

Hey thanks again. Although the shutdown/reset didn't work i found that resetting the mdm and hub did the trick. I use a Lan network instead of wifi. In case anyone has a similar setup and problem.

RedDevils468d ago

I forgot to mention about the router reset, that usually do the trick when it come to network problems happen with iphone/android. btw np


Tales of Arise Continues Themes Seen in Zestiria & Berseria

As much as Tales of Arise departs from franchise norms, it also complements Zestiria and Berseria, almost like a third addition to the set.

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gamer7804728d ago (Edited 728d ago )

It’s really it’s own story , but like anything takes some inspirations from other sources, fantastic game so far, you absolutely don’t need to have played other tales games at all to enjoy this to its fullest.


Humble Best of Bandai Namco Bundle out now

The Humble Best of Bandai Namco Bundle just launched. It features games like Code Vein, Project Cars 3, and Tekken 7, and more. A percentage goes to support charity.

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