Top 10 Worst Voice Acting in Video Games

There are a lot of great voice actors, and a lot of great voice acting in games. From Mark Hamill as Christopher Blair to Troy Baker as, well, everything. Great story with great voice acting can really draw you into the whole experience. These are not those games.

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SquidBuck2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Jason...JASONNNNNNNNN!!!! Surprised heavy rain didn't make the list, it had some pretty subpar voice acting. Overall the game was great!

IamTylerDurden12268d ago

Did anyone catch the voice acting for the male leads in the gears 4 e3 demo and the halo e3 demo? The halo voice actor was cardboard ect, but the gears actor was laughably bad. Go back, watch the demos.

Angeljuice2268d ago

The worst voice in a game ever was in Graeme Souness Vector Soccer (on Amiga). When you scored, you would hear "yay goal" in the most depressed, monotonous and bored-sounding tone imaginable.

It's as if the developers had never heard of enthusiasm or celebration.

BongSmack2267d ago

Far Cry should have at least received an honorable mention.
"I'm going to shoot you in the face!"