Fragland Review: Overlord: Raising Hell

Fragland reports:

''In the past the world was ruled by evil force but at a given moment seven heroes came together to fight the Overlord's army and unfortunately succeeded in winning and casting out evil from the earth's surface. Now it's up to you as new Overlord to spread evil again. With the help of your servant Gnarl and your army of minions you need to cover the world with a purple black glow filled with revenge and greed.

The objectives are clear, repair your castle and spread evil! In the game you don't go working alone but get help of your slaves, the Minions. These are goblin-like creatures that love following your orders. There are four different types that can be recognised by their color. The brown ones can best be compared with an army of muscles and are hard to defeat. The red minions are surrounded by fireballs that can be fired off towards hostiles. Further on you've got the blue ones that can bring others back to life and the green critters get rid of poisonous fumes. By adding different minions an extra tactical depth is given. As player you need to find a good balance between the different Minions.''

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