Prototype 2 Xbox One and PS4 Remaster Dated for July Release

It's been more or less confirmed that Activision would be re-releasing the Prototype games for the PS4 after both titles' achievements for the next-gen console made their way online last month. What we didn't see were the achievements for the Xbox One version which lead some to believe that Activision's new-found friendship with Sony would be having a knock-on effect.

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Number_92175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Of all the games to repurchase from last gen, this has to be a bottom of the barrel for me personally.

Meanwhile the games we truly want to be remastered are nowhere to be seen. I'm looking at you Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim. A personal favourite of mine that I'd go bananas to replay is Castlevania Lords of Shadow. That was my favourite hack n slash/adventure game and this from someone who platinumed GoW III.

I digress, I understand we have varying tastes and I'm sure Prototype 1/2 is what LoS is to me for someone else out there...

But still -_-

chrish19902175d ago

They aren't terrible games, but yeah, they're not the sort that scream "re-release me!!!"

I'll probably still get them just out of curiosity, but I did find them alright back in the day.
Still, going forward, re-releases need to be games that actually had an impact, like you said - Red Dead, Skyrim etc. Dunno how many more remasters the public will take before they just end up being a bit of a joke.

Number_92175d ago

Dare I say Alan Wake along with its XBLA iterations and the Mass Effect trilogy and then we can call it quits and focus on new experiences. But then again I'm biased/selfish.

HaveSumNuts2175d ago

Prototype 1 was better but either way the Prototype games aren't really worth a remaster anyways.

Bigpappy2175d ago

I might play it if it gets on the BC list and I can find it for $5. Never played either 1 or 2. These remakes are not for me. Glad BC is here so I can see what the games I never played were like. Sometime you go in with low expectations and end up with a gem you missed.

CBforeva2174d ago

I can really suggest you to give it a try. It may easily happen that it's not your cup of tea, but I had a blast playing as an anti-hero, causing mayhem all over the city. (Especially playing as Heller, the protagonist from Proto 2.)

deadpoolio3162174d ago

You mean IF the publisher signs off on it, and any games that are getting remasters will definitely not get BC updates. No publisher in their right mind would allow that and lose sales on the remaster.

These weren't terrible games but they do seem like a giant waste of time to remaster them, unless maybe Activision wants to see if there is interest in the series to maybe continue it. Its the only thing I can think of they lost quite a bit of money on Prototype especially 2

Bigpappy2174d ago

The only remaster I bought was Tomb Raider reboot. I never bought it for 360, but still regretted paying so much for and old game. If thy don't sign on to BC, I just will never play them, that's all. They can go a headed and remaster every old game and don't sign on to BC if the want. But I respect developers and publishers who are fair. If that is a way they want to treat their fans, I would just not buy anymore of their darn games. The power of my purchase is in my hands not theirs. You people talk like I have to play their games... I really DON'T.

Halo2ODST22174d ago

Thief 2: the metal age should be getting a remaster, not this medicore game,

ChronoJoe2174d ago

I found prototype fairly enjoyable but it's a sort of guilty pleasure game. Like the narrative and actual concepts for the game are pretty trashy, not many creative ideas. It's only enjoyable cause you get a lot of power, really.

It's enjoyable like a good godzilla game would be enjoyable, not due to good game design or narrative, but the sheer spectacle more than anything else.

That's okay I guess, but for that reason this is one title I would not like to buy a remaster of. I've played it before, and the enjoyment it brings wears thin quickly.

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Fallen862174d ago

Good news. And now THE DARKNESS!!!

Fallen862174d ago

How can you disagree great games like prototype & The darkness?
Amazing games! Nuff said!

Yui_Suzumiya2174d ago

I loved The Darkness games though.

Sciurus_vulgaris2174d ago

Why not bundle both 1 ad 2, then people would have more interest in the remaster.

OC_MurphysLaw2174d ago

Because that will come next.... in the "We Thought It Was GOTY HD Super Remaster Remix Prototype Bundle"

deadpoolio3162174d ago

You mean the ZERO times that has happened.. Its Activision, clearly they are just looking to make some of the money back they lost on this series the first time. I definitely don't expect earth shattering quality when it comes to the ports

OC_MurphysLaw2174d ago

@deadpoolio316 yeah...I think my attempt at humor failed. Probably needed to include a "/s"

OC_MurphysLaw2174d ago

...and the remaster drum beats on.

Halo2ODST22174d ago

You, of all people should be happy, why you ask? Because it will probably be in 60 fps & you think that it is the most important thing ever!!!

OC_MurphysLaw2174d ago

lol... yeah happy it will likely be 60fps but its pretty commical at the amount of remasters we have seen so far. This definitely isn't a game I would have thought would be remastered to be honest.

Halo2ODST22174d ago

I was generally refering to your argument: 60 fps or Split screen,

OC_MurphysLaw2174d ago

Ah ... I follow you now. Well played. I wasn't relly a big fan of this IP so I am more in commenting it being a thing which is just a bit surprising to me to be honest. I really wouldn't have picked this game as one to "remaster" if I was given a choice.

deadpoolio3162174d ago

You are aware that these generally get subcontracted out to third parties right? The developer in 99% of cases doesn't do the remastering, i.e. Iron Galaxy did the Borderlands ports for the Handsome collection...

Not sure why people concern themselves with what publishers do...They don't come to your house rape your mother, kill your dog and force you to purchase them. And its not taking time from the developing studio...

Maybe you need to take a business course and learn how business works in the real world...These are cheap, quick and easy to do in most cases and IF it was exclusive to one console can make them a boat load in instances where people switch platforms like say almost 30 million PS4s sold compared to 12 million X1....

2174d ago
TheGamingArt2174d ago

Seriously not worth a remaster at all....

deadpoolio3162174d ago

Yeah it makes no sense....They weren't terrible games but they weren't anything to write home about...Prototype 2 did so badly that Activison closed the studio...

These are usually done pretty cheap and quick, so maybe its Activision trying to make a little more money back on the failed series. Or maybe they want to see if there is interest in Prototype because they are considering continuing the IP...Its strange for sure, these games dont jump out as please remaster me

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