Nobody likes Batman: Arkham Knight’s Batmobile, here’s why

GotGame writes: The Batmobile has a few glaring problems.

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Palitera2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Damn! How good it is to see some positivity on the internet, just for a while!

Every article is criticizing the vehicle, but, guess what, judging by the votes, players are pretty much on the opposite end...

What I have to say is that I really hope this kind of feedback also reaches the devs.

abstractel2273d ago

I love how the headline says "nobody". I love it too. I keep doing the race tracks over and over again. I also just love driving around the city, and chasing/fighting the armored tanks/drones.

lastdual2273d ago

Of course, any headline with "nobody" will have people jumping for a chance to be the exception. I'd say the batmobile itself was a fun addition, but it could have been implemented better. Too many tedious tank battles and scenarios that sometimes felt forced for the sake of "Hey guys, don't forget about the batmobile!" did wear a bit thin.

abstractel2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

@lastdual You can only speak for yourself, or people who have vouched for you. You can never speak for everyone, and it's a feeble attempt at creating an illusion that this is fact and not an opinion of one person. It's not the language a proper journalist would use. But then, a guy registering a site called "" and putting up opinions isn't a journalist and really, it doesn't belong on this site. Hence, why I said what I said. It's a ridiculous heading for a so called article or editorial.

You, nor I, have the facts to back up if the majority of the people who bought it felt about the batmobile.

UKmilitia2273d ago

last time people complained there was no batmobile and now the websites and alot of people are complaining that there is too much batmobile.

some people just born to bitch and moan.

i love batmobile and the flying and think its a decent mix of the 2 and im about 65% done.

Bimkoblerutso2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

It's just way overused. I like it for some variety here and there, but I NEVER enjoyed having to backtrack and wander all over complexes looking for ways to lug it around. And I didn't like the fact that so many side-quests seemed to force it down our throats (the Deathstroke quest in particular was very disappointing).

And for the record, the actual batmobile portions FAR exceeded the tank portions. The tank portions were pretty generic shooting sections, but driving the batmobile often did feel very Batman-like.

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BecauseImBatman2273d ago

Me too, I completely disagree with the article. Its maybe forced on you a bit to much (there is a lot of tanks to fight and the riddler puzzles can get annoying) but instead of just coasting by with the formula they already have for the Arkham games, Rocksteady actually tried to give us another intuitive gameplay mechanic. Is it is as good as Predator or Free flow combat ? no but is it still good in its own right ? To insinuate no one likes it cause there is some people who don't is ridiculous, I've seen more people approve of it than complain.

abstractel2273d ago

The way I view the internet I believe it's usually the people who dislike things who shout the loudest, even if they are in minority. Most people don't shout "I love this", some do of course, but there's way more shouting when there's something negative.

For an example, most of the gaming media I've experienced has been about the PC port, not about what a great game it is on the consoles (especially PS4 if you're anal about the extra pixels). It's also a stunning game that has great gameplay with seamless cinematic scenes.

We'll see what Rocksteady does next, but to innovate in the series I am very happy they brought in the batmobile and made it as cool and awesome as it is.

BecauseImBatman2273d ago


Exactly, I hate the cynicism in social media today. Batman Arkham Knight is truly an incredible game and I hope the negativity surrounding it regarding the PC port and the Batmobile does not jeopardize its chance of getting Game of the Year cause I really do think its a worthy contender even next to the likes of The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne...

Hayabusa 1172273d ago

Don't forget that there are also people who want more hits for their website, hence they roll out the inflammatory and controversial headlines to grab people's attention, and because negativity is most likely to provoke a response.

I'd be highly skeptical for Batman to win GOTY because usually that's given to a game adored by the media, or the game that's universally loved by everyone. Rarely does it go to the best game from a technical or design stand point.

But really, why do you care? To me, Arkham Knight is one of my favourite open world games of all time, period. I would even rate it above any of the GTA games I've played (shocker, I know) simply because Arkham Knight is an open world action/adventure game (much like Shadows of Mordor) that I've always wanted, while GTA is more of an open world sandbox (with very clunky shooting).

I don't need the media to validate my personal taste in games, Arkham Knight is hands down the best game I've played this year so far.

BecauseImBatman2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )


"But really, why do you care?"

I find it funny that you complain about me complaining and don't see the irony, why do you care in that case ? I just don't understand the issue with the Batmobile, the article clearly implies no one like the Batmobile even though that is so far from the truth. I thought this was the whole point of a comments section to discuss the topic these articles bring up. If people didn't complain then WB wouldn't have brought down Arkham Knight off Steam, which is completely justified. So can't we complain about this Batmobile controversy, when it's so far off the mark.

"I don't need the media to validate my personal taste in games, Arkham Knight is hands down the best game I've played this year so far."

Wow that is a leap, why do you come to that conclusion that I need justification in my purchase. It's nothing to do whether I like the game or not (I do however love it). It's the fact that it's objectively a fantastic game (90 on Metacritic, higher before all the performance issues arose) yet there is all this negativity surrounding the Batmobile based on a few complaints. I just so happen to love it and it's a fantastic game.

The performance issues and glitches are justified... they deserve the bad press for that, it's already encouraged them to take it down off Steam until the issues are fixed.

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Dark112273d ago

Same here

>Fans keep asking for the batmobile
> Complain how origins was more of the same...

>RockSteady add the batmobile to freshen things up
> Fans complain about the batmobile being forced in the game

RockSteady just can't win.

abstractel2273d ago

You can't please everyone all the time. Just how it goes. Best you can hope for is to please the majority, which I think Rocksteady has.

ginsunuva2273d ago

What? Stop twisting stuff to defend them like a fanboy.

We're obviously not mad that a batmobile is there. We're disapointed in its implementation, missions, enemies, and controls.

Paulino302273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

@ Dark11

You're changing the argument. The problem is not the batmobile being in the game. It's the fact that it's forced on you so much. That's the issue I have and what I have seen most people say as well as the gaming reviews.

Tank battles, riddler obstacle courses(WTF?) and puzzles. I Would be fine with using it for tank battles and moving around the city nothing. The race courses are forced in the game through the riddler and makes no sense that he wants batman to complete them.

Hayabusa 1172273d ago

@ Paulino30

I mostly use the batmobile for those things you mentioned: combat, chaises, and just getting round the city when I want a change from gliding. The tank battles themselves do go on for a bit, but they're fun, so I don't mind doing more rather than less. The Riddler trophies and races are definitely annoying, which is why I simply don't do them and do the things I find fun instead :)

Flewid6382273d ago

I'm guessing when people were asking for a Batmobile, they were asking for a good one.

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ChronoJoe2273d ago

Me too. Great addition. Really enjoyed the Batmobile gameplay segments.

stavrami2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Yup nothing wrong with the batmobile

TwoForce2273d ago

I love my Batmobile. It was way better control than GTA V. I said it.

InTheZoneAC2273d ago

so a batmobile has better control than GTA V...

...makes so much sense...

IraqCombatVet2273d ago

I like it too.

Especially that combo where you launch an enemy into the air and the Batmobile just shoots him out of the air.

Very satisfying.

Takwin2273d ago

The Batmobile ruined the game for me.

Without it, the game was a near-masterpiece at 9.5/10 and I would've absolutely raved over it

With it, the game is a 6/10 because it is so terribly implemented AND FORCED FOR SO MUCH OF THE GAME.

It should not have played ANY part in the Riddler's questline and not have been required for ANY of the main quest line.

It needed to be about 5% of the game, and ONLY for optional stuff.

Antifan2273d ago

How? The AK has an entire army of drones. How else would you defeat them? This kind of nitpicking is outrageous.

Takwin2273d ago


Is your comment serious? They could've left out the stupid drones and the Batmobile and my god would it have been an amazing game

I'm not nitpicking when its a forced aspect of over 30% of the game. If it was 5% of the game, and I would lower my score that much, then that would be very unreasonable nitpicking.

Anzil2273d ago

First of all no one cares for your review here...... And most of us completely disagree with you. I think the riddler implementation of the batmobile is some of the best stuff in the game. In fact I wished they used it more and imo Antifan gets it and actually has an argument and doesn't just say they shouldn't of used it as much? Is your comment serious?

Paulino302273d ago

I completely agree with you. When I did the first riddler puzzle on the track, my reaction was why would batman be on a racing track with a toxin set to go off by scarecrow.

my second reaction was how and why would the riddler make a race track under the city. It broke the experience.


The scene where you have to charge the generator and you have to drive on the building to reach it.


I am 6 hours in and tired of the batmobile.

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Poroz2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Me too (for liking it)

Tonykid2273d ago

People just suck at using it so they make other excuses to bash it.

CorndogBurglar2273d ago

Yeah, the title of this artie os just there to get clicks. It says NOBODY likes it, yet at no point does the Utjor ever bring up how many people like versus how many people dislike it.

In fact, from what i've read here and on other sites, its a landslide as far as the vast majority of people liking the batmobile.

This guy is clearly just delusional.

oasdada2273d ago

whats up with these articles?

Khajiit862273d ago

Havent played the game yet, but I got worried for a second. Batmobile looked very cool, and useful, great to see people like it in the comments section.

Hayabusa 1172273d ago

@ Khajiit86

Arkham Knight has been getting some really bad press for some reason, and I don't understand why. Maybe some people's have expectations have simply reached unrealistic heights. I love everything about this game. It's not perfect, but no game ever is, and what does have is bucket loads of FUN.

UKmilitia2273d ago

i do too but i wish they would add toggle for convert to battle mode.

joab7772273d ago

The batmobile itself is amazing. I just think any feel like it restricts freedom.

OrangePowerz2273d ago

Hello, my name is Nobody.

Aceman182273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

I personally hated using it, but I had no choice since it's such a huge part of the game. They just rely on it too much for my liking.

I finished it last night, and I'd give it a solid 9, the reliance on the car was a bit much for me which is why I couldn't give it a 10.

thornh2273d ago

Totally love it. Arkham Knight is an absolutely amazing game. I just wish you could fly the Batwing and it would be awesome to have a Batboat. The awesome water physics are wasted in this game! Starting New Game +!

fanboysmackdown2273d ago

Call me somebody cause I love it too. Love how you can strafe and the handling reminds me of the handling in Burnout, which is awesome.

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-Foxtrot2274d ago

It's not like it's's a great addition most people have wanted for a while. It's just how much the gameplay relies on it which ends up getting boring after a while

It's not like you can drive around freely as those tanks are always around and since they lock onto the vehicle you have to fight them. This results in people just ejecting and grapple/gliding around instead.

UnHoly_One2274d ago

I'm finishing up the game right now and can honestly say I have never had a problem just driving around freely.

Almost all of the tank battles are mission related. The few that are just driving around in free roam take but a few seconds to wipe out before you go about your business.

ABizzel12273d ago

I think the problem is they gave more more more, which is what everyone thinks they want until it just too much to consume.

This is a case of less is more. The city is 5x as large as Arkhan City. 2x - 3x would have been better to keep traversal to a minimum.

Number of tank fights could have been cut in half. We know you're facing an army, but a small scale army would have been much better and realistic taking over a city.

The game us still great, but the pacing is off for me. Love the game, but enjoyed Arkham City a bit more.

Aceman182273d ago

I love flying around the city more than being in the batscooter lol.

Hayabusa 1172273d ago

I WANT there to be tanks around that I can shoot...I never ejected from a batmobile because a wee-little drone was tracking me.

I don't see how there is too much to consume in Arkham Knight compared to something like Witcher 3...

Sure, they did add a load more new features but I think the game needed it. Arkham City felt WAY too much like Arkham Asylum (and not in a positive way). Arkham City was "more" of Arkham Asylum and you could feel it. Arkham Knight doesn't add "more" things, it adds "new" things: batmobile + gliding. If only one of those features had been implemented, Arkham Knight would only be a little better than Arkham City.

I just don't have a problem with travesing the city, and I don't think it needs to be "bigger" either. I think it's just right. To me, the pacing is exactly why I love this game so much and prefer it to GTA V.

Yes, there is ALOT of stuff getting blown up that takes you out the world sometimes, but it's a game, things are going to get exaggerated or dumbed down because it wouldn't be fun to play otherwise.

I enjoy the flying just as much as the batscooter.

OhMyGandhi2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

the fundamental question Rocksteady couldn't get around to answering, and the reason why people hate to be forced to use the batmobile in this game, comes down to this:
why drive when you can fly?

I suppose it's the same as Gears of War's horde mode, something that I myself found enthralling the first few times, but can get damned repetitive, and mundane after the 50th go.

Moe-Gunz2273d ago

Feel the same way. It's a great addition and handles well but it is forced on you so much I'm getting more and more annoyed with it.

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goldwyncq2274d ago

Totally disagree with the second point. Can't count how many times I've died while battling tanks and flying drones. It's hard to dodge your enemies line of fire while keeping aware of homing missiles and explosives being thrown at you all at the same time.And that's with a fully upgraded Batmobile. The boss battle against the cloudburst tank in particular was just brutal.

Dr_Angus2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Maybe if there weren't like 200 tank battles, and having boss fights with even MORE tank battles, it would have been more enjoyable.

The Batmobile should be a utility, not your sidekick. It is literally forced on you throughout the game. Especially with riddles, obstacles in the story, and side missions.
They shouldve put majority of the tank battles in AR challenges, IMO.