Nintendo Patent Could Prove Awkward For Microsoft

Nintendo has been granted a patent for a videogame instant messaging system. Originally filed in 2000, this patent could lead to lawsuits against other game console manufacturers.

It looks as though Microsoft's Xbox Live system may infringe upon Nintendo's new patent. If so, Nintendo could try to reach a cross-licensing deal that would allow it to delve into areas covered by some of Microsoft's patents. Sony is another potential target if Nintendo tries to pursue the matter.

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Bill Nye6198d ago

This won't affect Microsoft or Sony.

Fuzz McDeath6198d ago

..even if Nintendo has the grounds (which they likely don't). Taking MS to court could bankrupt Nintendo. MS likely has a legal budget the size of Nintendo's entire operating budget. Remember, MS took on the US and other governments and came out pretty good....

OutLaw6198d ago

I feel an agreement will happen and Nintendo would probably make a pretty penny from it.

shotty6198d ago

It won't affect Microsoft for sure. First of all they own MSN, which they can claim they based xbox live messaging, second they can claim the xbox 360 is a computer therefore not infriging on video game patent, third the xbox 360 was released before the wii therefore it wii has no bearing on the development of the xbox 360. Last it's microsoft they are made up of lawyers, I doubt nintendo would sue them.