TVG Hands-on: Ninjatown

TVG writes: "Before getting some hands-on time with Ninjatown I didn't realize how much it actually involved a town with ninjas. I know, pretty obvious stuff from the name, but the game is literally about a town full of different types of Ninjas and their attempts to defend it from evil monsters. So why is this game based on the contradictory ninjas (ninjas aren't cute!) of Shawn Smith's Shawnimal design line? Well, Mr. Smith himself took the time to lead me through the game at SouthPeak's booth on the floor, and while I'm still not sure how a town can become populated solely by Ninjas, I do know how the game plays and where those strange little ninjas came from.

They come from Shawn Smith's mind and it's got something to do with stripping things down to their basic form but still making them recognizable as that thing. It was all a bit artistic for me so I really just concentrated on the gameplay, which is a sort of constantly defensive RTS. Basically, Ninjatown is under attack from the Wee Devils which are controlled by Mr. Demon, all of which, though evil, are also tolerably cute. As the town comes under attack, the ninjas send Master Ninja to the air in a hot air balloon in order to command their forces better and defend the city. As the Master Ninja, the players can build ninja huts which produce Ninjas of different types and which be upgraded in order to produce more powerful ones. There are the Wee Ninjas, which are your basic soldiers, the Anti-Ninjas, which are slower but more powerful ninjas, or later on such rare ninja breeds as the Business Ninja, who are quick but weak."

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