Bionic Commando Rearmed delayed

DarkZero: Famitsu have reported that Bionic Commando Rearmed, a game which was expected to drop on 360, PS3, and PC very soon has being hit with a delay. No solid reason was given for the delay, but due to the games mature rating some believe it could be running into problems getting certified to be made available for download. This however has not been confirmed by any of the parties involved.

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The gaming GOD3764d ago

Well dang, just how much did they change this game from the original nes version that we played as kids?

LostChild3764d ago

I played this game as a kid both in the arcade and on the Nes and I really don't remember anything Mature about it. Maybe it has something to do with tying in to the other full game.

GodsHand3764d ago

How much has society changed to warrant a rating system. People (parents?) are quick to censor violence, blood, sex etc.

I just hope the delay, it to include some other googies, possible trophies for the PS3.

PS360WII3764d ago

It probably gets the M rating due to that one spot where a head blows up ^^

Grrr to the delay though >< I want this game out already!

ar3764d ago

I heard somewhere (I think it was Capcoms Bionic Command podcast) that they had the opportunity to lower the rating by removing a scene, but they decided to stick with it for two reasons.
1. It's in the original game.
2. Removing it would have changed the whole tone of the game.

The gaming GOD3764d ago

Especially you 1.2,

But parents and society were tightwads about blood and violence back then too. That's most of the anime was taken off of television back in the 80's. Remember, robotech and voltron were called "too bloody" for children, so they cut them off of television back then

But the point I'm making is that how can an 8 bit (although rearmed is updated obviously) be so graphic it gets such a rating? It's not like the characters are drawn in great detail.

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wolfehound223764d ago

Well if true it does make sense. I would imagine trying to release a mature rated game over online stores would be difficult. Lets hope they manage to figure this out shortly.

tweaker3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Damn. How much damage can an M-Rated game to a child these days? I remember playing Thrill Kill on the PS1 back when I was 9 or so and that game was A-rated. I don't remember how I got my hands on that game but it was awesome. From what I remembered, it was banned from being sold in stores shortly after its release.

budbundystyles3764d ago

I played that game too. You almost certaintly downloaded it and burned it to disc, haha good ole ps1. Thrill Kill got canned before release and became that Wu-tang fighting game.


Welp, say goodbye to the head of a dictator exploding...Thanks for the second delay!!!

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