Gamespot:Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Review

Now that Traveller's Tales has conquered a galaxy far, far away, it has its sights set on giving a Lego makeover to a more terrestrial franchise. Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures lets you reenact the key scenes from the first three Indiana Jones movies with a blocky twist that only Lego can provide. The idea of children's building toys pasted atop action-packed adventures may seem strange--and seeing a Lego monkey is rather unnerving--but the enduring charm of the movies is the perfect foundation for some small-scale archaeology. The surprise is that, even without a nostalgia-powered handcuff fastening you to these stories, the whip-cracking action and humorous cutscenes should be enough to draw even the Indy ignorant into the experience.

The Good:
* Lots of unlockables
* Some very clever puzzles
* Cutscenes are funny
* Co-op makes the game even better.

The Bad:
* Environments lack variety
* Most puzzles are too easy
* Repetitive combat.

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