A Bad of Night of Gaming

Mike Rohde of GoozerNation writes, "Usually, I have a lot of fun gaming, that’s why I do it. Gaming is a relaxing, rewarding, challenging, experience all rolled up in one nice package. And actively playing a game is far better than passively watching a movie. But there are games, and evenings, that go straight into the toilet due to extremely frustrating events."

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kube003123d ago

Aliens Colonial Marines is like that, or it will just put you to sleep.

JimmyJames703123d ago

That's one game I'm not even going to try.

camel_toad3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

Lesson to be learned: Always have multiple saves when possible.

I didn't lose a single soldier or a single country on my first play through thanks to being an OCD multiple save file freak.