Nerd-dom Weekly: 7 Days to Die Alpha 12 Teaser Reaction

Hey folks I know it’s been freaking forever since Nerd-dom Weekly has done anything but I thought I would take a stab at a reaction video. Let me know what you think don’t forget to hit those like and subscribe buttons.

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ErinFantisy2181d ago

Can't wait to explore more of the maps with a mini bike!

Stevefantisy2181d ago

I can't wait either there is mention of more vehicles to come in later updates too. who knows maybe trucks so you can pile your friends in the back.

JoeIsMad2181d ago

That bike looks great for abandoning civilization and playing the game like you're the Sons of Anarchy.

Stevefantisy2181d ago

can you imagine the mini bike gangs on pvp servers lol

Jacktrauma2181d ago

lol sweet mini-bike! Thats an awesome update!