Need for Speed Takes a Page out the Driveclub Playbook

GamerFitnation - "Need For Speed is back and due to players’ feedback, and the development team, Ghost Games, responded this E3 2015 by showing off realism, but with a pure street flare. This time though the extra ingredient of visual realism was noted, and one cannot deny that Ghost Games took a page out of Evolution Studio’s Driveclub on it."

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Redinfamy3315d ago

I love how developers take heed to what their community and fans relate to them in order to improve their games. This reboot is look really good so far. Excited on the 5 different ways to progress through the game.The realism looks dope

Gazondaily3314d ago

Yeah but how is it taking a page out of Driveclub in this? I don't see that from the article.

It surely just can't be because of this:

"This time though the extra ingredient of visual realism was noted, and one cannot deny that Ghost Games took a page out of Evolution Studio’s Driveclub on it."


monkeyDzoro3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

I think it has more to do with the quality of the visuals in terms of modelization of the vehicles. Which is superb.
And atm, Driveclub is the best in the visuals department and crazy details when it comes to vehicles. Of course there are others, but visually DC is the best. In fact, according to what we saw from this NFS, the exterior are practically on par with DC's. I think that's why the author mentions it.

Gazondaily3314d ago

That's really a broad statement. Visual improvements are a given and saying something like " the extra ingredient of visual realism was noted" is stretching it is it not?

That means every game that benefits from a visual upgrade will be taking a page out of a game from the same genre?

It's really silly actually imo.

3-4-53314d ago

* This. As if Drive Club dev's invented good visuals or something.

This person should not be writing articles.

_-EDMIX-_3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

LOL! Agreed. As if making a game look realistic was merely a option and now many are some how taking note from Driveclub.

The series has always been on the bleeding edge of graphics to look as real and as slick as can be. Many, many racing games will be seeking that concept, its not something new and Driveclub didn't just invent it lol.

@343 100% agreed. The folks that do those articles for that site just have zero clue about what they are talking about, let us remember that according to this site Gears is a FPS and Fortnite was announced as a XONE exclusive..


Had me in legit tears it was so funny.

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Lennoxb633315d ago (Edited 3315d ago )

Realism is a page from Driveclub's book? I thought all games strive for realism unless they are going for a certain art style.

ThePresentIsAgift3315d ago

By releasing late and unfinished? maybe Driveclub took a page out of EA's book haha j/k of course.

This game looks rad.

NeoGamer2323315d ago

Interestingly enough photo realism games started with Ryse, Forza Motorsports 5, and Killzone Shadowfall. So if any games are following photorealism it is these launch games that should be thanked.

JackStraw3314d ago

Uh... no. Nice try though.

thejigisup3314d ago

Lmfao, do you even game?

lemoncake3314d ago

photorealism goes way back, mortal kombat 1 with its real people and max payne 1 with its use of photographed textures are more worthy of that thanks. Games this gen are just improving upon that and refining it.

Bolts3314d ago

So it's going to be broken and unplayable at release? No thanks.

Khajiit863314d ago

You are funny, dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

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