Epic Games Mark Rein on Fortnite “We announced it too early”

"Years ago Cliff Bleszinski stood on stage and announced a new Xbox one exclusive title called Fortnite. However, we haven’t heard anything about the title until the final day of this year’s E3. In a conversation with Marc Rein on the final day of the event. When he was asked about Fortnite he stated" GamerFitnation

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Neonridr1125d ago

Gears of War is a first person franchise?

spicelicka1125d ago

Lol this guy has NO idea what he's talking about. Gears of war is not a first person franchise, and Fortnite was not announced as an Xbox One exclusive, it wasn't even announced for any consoles in fact.

Neonridr1125d ago

yeah I kind of lost all faith in the writer when he said that.. :P

_-EDMIX-_1125d ago

Oh....oh lord. I see anything get approved by N4G. The question is, what doesn't get approved?

Baka-akaB1125d ago

Yeah something sounds iffy here , they always insisted that Fortnite couldnt run on consoles back then , and that it was a lovechild for the pc community anyway , for the foreseeable future


Fortnite is is being developed for PC but is open to being on other consoles. states it.

_-EDMIX-_1125d ago

@Blackbible- what facepalm? Why mad? Bud, just admit you made a mistake and call it a day. I see no reason to defend bad journalism, your only as good as your source and you never even googled any information regarding this game, any quick 1 second search would tell you every thing posted was incorrect. Hell...the only thing correct in that story is that Epic is making Fortnite.

Gears is not a first person shooter, Epic never stated Fortnite was for console, in fact the very opposite, let alone coming exclusively to XONE.

I literally laughed reading that article as all this was news to me as I watched most the E3's for years and don't ever recall such a thing happening.

I mean...its good you changed it, but your site is completely questionable when any member of N4G can do your job for you.

We are correcting your whole article, thus....why are you doing what your doing?

Do what you do because you love it and you do it well. Your article had zero integrity as it seemed you didn't even care about sources, links or any form of credibility. Are you telling us what you factually know or what you thought? Or what you want?

Look bud, all you have to state is you made a mistake . I'm sure none of us will hold it against you as I've made many on here many times based on trusting my memory more then real facts. It happens, but I'm just posting it as a comment, your posting it as NEWS!

It happens bud, but just be humble and respectful about it. Your not a journalist, your just a person posting stories with zero credibility. If your just starting out, sorry but you have a lot to learn.

Let this be a lesson to you, this can only help you and I sincerely mean that.

Baka-akaB1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

Still you were making stuff up .The game was always stated as coming on PC with no mention of other platform , and they said in the past , even if it was before the PS4 and XB1 comes along , that it was a project possible on consoles then . Not only for tech reasons , but also the nature of the project .

a possible status on the site , is a farcry from the previous claim that it was announced on console , and a XB1 exclusive


smh... (Face palm) I just can't today with you guys. You got it have a nice day.

Baka-akaB1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

You can facepalm all you want .

The fact remains that years ago , they only had this to say "“this is a PC-designed game, it’s shipping exclusively for the PC.”

Now it's still only announced for PC but hinted possible for next gen .

Anyway , yeah , enough time wasted on this

lameguy1125d ago

If it comes to consoles, seems like PS4 is where it'll be at. Here's a comment, today, from a UE4 developer speaking about a particular feature in the engine that Fortnite takes advantage of:

Actual measurement of DFAO in 4.9 in a Fortnite level on PS4 is
[2015.05.11-19.50.45:764][ 57]LogRHI:Warning: 15.5% 3.71ms DistanceFieldLighting 0 draws 0 prims 0 verts

Kite demo on an AMD 7870 (close to PS4 specs) in 4.9
[2015.05.01-03.00.51:137][ 81]LogRHI:Warning: 6.8% 4.89ms DistanceFieldLighting 0 draws 0 prims 0 verts

I would consider DFAO to be usable on PS4 in 4.9, the rest of the features are not. We have not gotten a chance to test on Xbox One yet, but I expect DFAO will be too slow to use there as the Xbox one GPU is very weak. However with lowering the resolution enough, it can potentially run the same features as PS4.

OhMyGandhi1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

Gears is first person...Through the eyes of the cameraman following behind them, who may or may not be the dude in the cloud from Mario 64. We will never know.