Did Microsoft Rip Off Miis? - And Other Hard Questions We Asked At E3

Multiplayer MTV writes: "Want to see some of the E3 coverage we aired on MTV? Check out this piece which aired earlier today and features top guys at Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony answering some of the tougher questions I asked them at E3.

* To Microsoft: Are Xbox Avatars cribbed from the Wii's Miis?
* To Sony: How did you guys feel when Microsoft announced that "FFXIII" was coming to Xbox 360?
* To Nintendo: What do you think of the hardcore fan's complaints about Nintendo's showing at E3?"

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BulletToothtony3737d ago

MS should've definitely should've tried to come up with something cool.. some spore type avatar or something.. it wouldn't had looked like the miis and wouldve been cooler to create.

But now it looks like they just copied nintendo..

Boldy3737d ago

then everyone would be sayin it's a knock off of Spore. There's no real way of doing something like this without getting hammered by fanboys. Make the avatars look more realistic: Home knockoff. Make them more cartoony: Mii knockoff. Make them look like they took inspiration from anything: knock off.

Megatron083737d ago

I have to agree with Boldy not only that but avatars have been done to death so there is nothing you can really come up with that someone isnt goin to say its a a rip off of something else.

f7897903737d ago

I doubt anyone cares though.

panasonic233737d ago

did sony copy ms xbl did sony copy ms achievement

PirateThom3737d ago

Microsoft didn't invent online gaming or achievements, even though they try to make people (you) believe they did.

Dreamcast had online play.

Many games have had "awards" for doing tasks.

All Microsoft did was take these things and tweak them and call it new and innovative, when it's not.

Tmac3737d ago

Yeah, educate yourself so Pirate doesnt have to do it for you.

socomnick3737d ago

Segas multiplayer was designed by MS.

ChickeyCantor3737d ago

" Dreamcast had online play. "
Hell even Snes had it ( no really it had online play in japan)

PirateThom3737d ago

Well, doesn't matter SNES had it.

And Microsoft had nothing to do with SegaNet, the Dreamcast ran a version of a Microsoft OS, but SegaNet was entirely Sega.

Xi3737d ago

Microsoft did develop it for sega. It's why they had such a good standing with one another, if you read the book about how the Xbox got started you see a bunch of interesting things.

It's also the reason peter moore got hired for the xbox devision, and why the xbox had sega launch titles like jest set radio future, and other remakes like shenmue, even though much more suited to the ps2.

Many of the members of sega also got jobs working at Xbox Japan.

mistertwoturbo3737d ago

Online gaming? Something millions were doing with PCs in the U.S with games like Counterstrike, Unreal, and Starcraft.

And guess what!?!?!?!?! It was allllllllllllllllll free to play online.

Leathersoup3737d ago

Well if you really wanna be nasty about it. Microsoft was the first company to "standardize" online gaming communications with Directplay being part of Direct X. That was before Dreamcast actually funny thing you should try to use the Dreamcast to "discredit" microsoft. The dreamcast ran on a Microsoft CE OS.
Pray tell... what exactly has Sony done that's been innovative lately? Rip off Second Life? Rip off Nintendo's motion control? Give you trophies?

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ICUP3737d ago

Is this a trick question?

name3737d ago

Did microsoft rip off singstar with lips?

wicked3737d ago

Karaoke Revolution was on the xbox and PS2 before singstar. I see LIPS as an update to this.

Solid_Snake6663737d ago

where have you been these past days

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