Dear Japan: Why do you hate the 360?

Nathan Gamer says:
"I just don't understand your lack of interest in the Xbox 360. No, really, I don't see how you can deny a console that offers exactly the kinds of games that have classically piqued the interest of Japanese gamers. Just off the top of my head I can think of Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon, and Lost Odyssey, not to mention Tales of Vesperia, which is coming to the 360 in a few months, too. That's four solid JRPG titles that are currently exclusive to Microsoft's system."

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Real gamer 4 life3736d ago

LOL this guy is crying cause the japanese don't like the 360, What is wrong does it keep him up at night? Does it hurt your feelings? It shouldn't matter do anybody unless you are a shareholder of microsoft.

Nevers3736d ago

I love them peeps but I wrote em' off long ago when pertaining to the 360.

CrazzyMan3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

or atleast not like them. =) especially, if you are not x360 owner.))

p.s. he cries, because he wants MORE Japan oriented games. Though, x360 this time has FAR MORE Japanese games, then first box had. Capcom support, Namco support, now even Square Enix support, what else would he want???

ThanatosDMC3736d ago

This idiot should have written in Japanese... or did he want some sorry points to go in his pants???

PimpHandHappy3736d ago

and they know whats good and whats not

Thats why they dont buy 360's because they are smarter then that!

bozobucketeer3736d ago

"eltronics"? "then"? You have any idea how ironic it is when you're saying that people who buy 360s aren't smart yet you sound like an idiot yourself?

staub913736d ago

They are smarter than Americans obviously.

pumpkinpunker3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

who invented video games, the television set, the personal computer, and the internet.

Those Americans don't know anything!

RemmM3736d ago

Truth is, this goes WAY back in history when the US bombed Japan. Is that a good enough reason for you?

Lifendz3736d ago

be glad that the U.S. and Europe are so major otherwise we all might be playing the weird games in Japan.

And trust me, they have some games over there that are just plain weird.

The Mikester3736d ago

Wow the guy who posted this article is a dumbf*ck. Well let me see, Microsoft is an American company which is not likely to show up in Japan. Sony is, get this, Sony is a JAPANESE COMPANY that is in JAPAN and that will not give a da** about Microsoft or its 360. Not only that but Sony(PS3) and Microsoft(Xbox 360) are competitors and RIVALS. So i don't really even know why this guy even posted this article b/c it's commen sense. So...............yeah. He's a dumbf*ck.

poopface13736d ago

this article was a joke. Everyone knows the 360 has nOOOOOOo chance in japan. My favorite part was the picture of master chief with big eyes.

I think the reason 360 isnt doing good over there is cause xbox1 wasnt as good for them, they would rather buy a japaneese product(any other system), and it has reliability issues. The 360 has alot more Japan oriented games, and I think just straight up better games than xbox 1 did. I dont think its about the games, but about every other part of what the 360 is.

thePatriot3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

why doesnt he ask me (an american) why do I hate (not hate just dont like) the 360?

FreestyleBarnacle3736d ago

William Higinbotham, John Logie Baird, Alan Turing, The Scientists of CERN. What's your point?

Marojado3736d ago

The best thing is, Turing is English, Baird is Scottish, and CERN is situated in Geneva... William Higinbotham is the only American.

talak3736d ago

Just to fill you in with some facts.
The television was invented by John Logie Baird a scotsman
The PC was first thought of by Charles Babbage who was English
And video games where invented by Ralph Baer who was german.
Just so you realise there are other countries.

However back on topic.
Japan have never really got on well with AMerican products, guess it comes from history

FreestyleBarnacle3736d ago

I was really waiting for Mr. Pumpkinpunker to reply and further show his lack of education but thank you both anyway.
By the way the Japanese love cultural exports from America and recently people were seen buying Toyotas made in England and shipped back to their spiritual home. Many problems the Japanese will have with the system are due to lack of cuteness or lack of features broadly agreed to be advanced like Blu-Ray. People like shiny and cute or shiny and advanced neither description completely fits the Xbox.

dan-boy3736d ago

so dont get to carried away yet sony's unbelievable how far sony have fallen this gen

only 11k in japan, whilst nintendo sells over 4x that amount.

microsoft should do a samsung and drop the japanese market altogether.

notice how the data was left out, and how little it's been commented

Fototherapist3736d ago

That's why the Japanese don't buy the 360. The loud fan, faulty hardware, and games that make sense. These things just don't do it for the Japanese. They prefer sleek, sexy contraptions that offer a whole world of weird, psychotic gameplay. I'm just kidding, I don't know anything about the Japanese. At least I know that America (the U.S.) invented Hollywood, the light bulb, heart bypass surgery, the Corvette, and the Xbox 360.

FreestyleBarnacle3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Oh and Heart Bypass Surgery was pioneered by an Argentine Surgeon called René Favaloro. The rest are brand names.

beoulve3735d ago

The answer is one word and 4 letter. RROD. Seriously American might think quality is not a problem, but just looks at Japanese manufacturer, Car and electronic and etc. They're pretty emphasize in quality, didn't tell you something about their culture?

Fototherapist3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

obviously I was being facetious. However, I did not know that Humphrey Davy invented the "arc lamp". Obviously, he didn't invent the light bulb. Thomas Edison did, an American. We could argue semantics all day I suppose. The point is Americans have invented a lot of helpful things just as Europeans have. Quality is important to Americans, but we can't hit a homerun every time we're up to bat. Regarding heart bypass surgery, see this link

godofthunder103735d ago

The reason that the 360 doesn't sell in japan is because they admitted that they hate to buy forign products,especially if they are from the U.S.

When the 360 was out about a year they had two writers from game magazines in Japan that was interviewed.They said that they asked people why they wasn't buying the 360 and the majority said because it wasn't made in Japan and they like to buy products fron Japan so they can help their economy out and they hate to buy forign products especially from the U.S.

If americans start haveing pride in our country like the Japaneese do then we wouldn't be in the shape that we are in now.The U.S econony was one of the strongest in the world before we started letting Japan start selling their products over here.When Japan first starting selling their products in U.S they were the cheapest you could buy.When they caused the american companies to close down because they couldn't compete with their price then they went up on theirs,now it's the most expensive products you could buy.

Japan allows about 30% less imports from the U.S they they export to it and something need to be done about it.If they want allow the same amount of american products to be shipped to Japan we need to stop their products from comeing to the U.S.

I can't understand how can americans wish that any forign company beats any american company and make them shut down.If they hope that things like this happens they need to catch the next plane out of the U.S.If i was them i would be ebarresed to even say a stupid thing like that.I bet that you will never hear one person from Japan say that he hopes an American company beats a company from Japan because they are proud of their country and they wish that it will never lose to anything and that's the way a person should feel about their country and companies in it,they should pull for their country and companies in it,they shouldn't pull against them.

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chelseafc3736d ago

soo many frikin breakdowns thats why jeez was on my 9th love ps3 4 ever soo reliable THATS WHY SONY

pav23233736d ago

I give you props for trying so hard. I only made it to 3 before I gave up the ghost.

t-0_ot-3736d ago

"soo many frikin breakdowns thats why jeez was on my 9th" Uhm, yea.. I call BS on that one. I'm still on my FIRST 360 and I bought it about 5 months after it released..

sak5003736d ago

The kid can't even write properly let alone have the brains to get through 9 breakdowns.

Guwapo773736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Your time is coming my friend... The reaper will be visiting a console near you very soon.

Remember Guwapo77 told you so. I'll give you till X-ms this year. I got $5 on it.

Edit: oh yeah, atleast 10 hours per week. Don't try to hide it in the closet. >8-Þ

Bastion3736d ago

those that don't own both systems have to be crazy to deny a breaking down 360, I don't usually comment but for whatever reason, some of this talk struck a nerve. I love games, and i am meticulous with my systems. My 360 broke down, and im sure i was among the many that feels like they didn't deserve that. my system was well ventilated, sitting on a glass stand with air beneath for heat to disipate, this is prior to know that there was even an issue, i just take care of things i own. I should not have to baby my system so that it works. I didn't have to do that with anything from sega, nintendo, atari,etc im old enough i've played 'em all. I enjoy developing on the Xbox360 though i must admit, pretty straight forward. sorry for random rant, just really grinded my gears. Geez, the 360 is not even a fixable problem, they have to create slim, it has to be reworked, and they are not going to give me a slim, i'll have to buy it

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AlterEgo3736d ago

Westernized flagship titles (Halo, Gears)
Countless FPS Games
Faulty Hardware
Large unattractive box (hardware...and yes, I know the PS3 is larger, but it's sleek-looking)
Price (XBL and necessary add-ons)

t-0_ot-3736d ago

@AlterEgo - Oh, another person thinking the 360 only has FPS..
Let me ask you this..

Where are the RPG's at? The 360.
Where are the strategy games at? The 360.
Where are the RTS games at? The 360.

Try again.

mfwahwah3736d ago

They also don't trust MS from the original Xbox's failure over there. This article was just completely ignorant. The author didn't look at it in a Japanese perspective, but an American one.

AlterEgo3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

@ 3.1

Point me to the part where I said the 360 'only' has fps

I'm talking about the games that 360 does best.

If you're going to argue that the 360 isn't MADE for fps games, then I'm done talking.

of COURSE there are other games, but what the XBOX is known for is fps games.


Oh, and for the record.....YOU explain why the Japanese don't buy the 360 if it is the end-all gaming system? (having all the genre's you named)

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Lucreto3736d ago

It is Nationalism Japan likes products made in Japan which are usually high quality and seeing an American machine with its few problem just doesn't interest them.

I believe the Japanese are patient people and can stand waiting and that ethos is gone into their business practices. For Example PS Home

A Japanese person I know believes most of the RPGs will hit the PS3 soon and he will wait longer for it.

As for Amercia they like the now now now approach. Not really interest on what is to come but interested on what can you give today. For example a lot of business didn't expect the credit crunch and just kept buying loans. But in Japan it is a long term plans are more important.

It all boils down to the big difference in Culture.

Real gamer 4 life3736d ago

Well i-pods sell well in japan, and nike sneakers as well. I just think that they see the ps3 as a better value. The japanese are very smart people, and they love high end technology. They see the ps3 as a better hardware then the xbox 360, which is true. Like for instance is blueray, Blueray right now is blowing up in japan. So the inclusion of blueray in every ps3, They see it ass a bonus. Not to mention the wifi and cards reader ect ect. And i also agree with you japanese people being patience. Microsoft thinks that time exclusivity with the major rpg franchise is going to help them in japan. When in fact it wont, cause the japanese know that these game will be released for the ps3. Games like last remament star ocean eternal sonata and tales of vesperia. All those rpg are all time exclusive, and they know Microsoft just pays the money so that it can be released in their console first. When eternal sonata is released for the ps3, pay attention to the software numbers to see if it out sells the 360 version.

funkysolo3736d ago

The 360 hardware is garbage and how can you fault a nation because a company like M$ release a crappy product. The 360 is not made in the US. What people don't realise is that M$ has spent more money on promotions, and paid off to retailers than they have on making a quality product...If someone doesn't buy a 360, it's because they are smart and not because it's made in another country.. If you bought a car and the news and forums were reporting 33 percent failure rate, what does that say about you? Most people are cautious shoppers and retailers have did a deservice to consumers by hiding the truth about the 360

Daver3736d ago

@5.1 Real gamer 4 life

Sorry dude i hit the disagree button by mistake

specialguest3736d ago

Well, Japan has always viewed American electronic products as inferior and unreliable and the 360 with it's RROD issue is definitely not helping.

Also, you will not get those "Only For Japan" type of games on the 360.

t-0_ot-3736d ago

@funkysolo - It has nothing to do with reliability.. And, if you think it does, then why did Japan NOT buy the original xBox? It had no problems, at least that I know about. Even if the original xBox had problems, the PS2 had WAAAY more problems..

So, reliability.. is outta the question.

zer0man13736d ago

Well said. I would also add that the Japanese have a very strict sense of business ethics, and will not support any company that appears to have knowingly marketed a defective product.

Even though the RROD issue has been almost completely forgiven by the majority of the 360 community it was a devastating blow to Microsoft's integrity in the eyes of Japanese consumers.

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