Siren Scares PS3s

IGN: "Want a frightening twist to give you some chills for the hot summer nights? Then Sony could just possibly have you covered today, as its survival horror remake hits the PlayStation Store today."

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wolfehound223764d ago

The demo was done very well. This game may be one of the best survival horror games in some time.

meepmoopmeep3764d ago

yeah, it's uber creepy. love the art direction in the game

JsonHenry3764d ago

I am glad some people like it. To me it is just lame and not scary at all. The enemies make weird noises that are NOT scary in the slightest, and it is pretty easy to tell when something is going to jump out at you (kinda like on Doom3)

If you want a truly creepy game, wait for Silent Hill Homecoming.

meepmoopmeep3764d ago

i'm getting SHH when it comes out.

but Siren was awesome for that small demo. i'm sure it gets even more creepy by looking at some of the trailers.

the enemies are more creepy looking than anything Silent Hill though. Japanese people are good in that area. (The Ring)
i'm really into the macabre so Siren is awesome to me.

treereet3764d ago

If you think the Silent Hill games are creepy you should definitely check it out. The creator of the first two Silent Hills (which were the best ones IMO) made this game.

But why do they keep calling this a remake of the first siren? It's not a remake!

ar3764d ago

Have just played the first two episodes but so far there are many striking resemblances with the first game. It's not an exact copy but there are enough resemblances to justify it being a remake.

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hunter213764d ago

yup it is and its too dark that i cant even see where im going, anyways the graphics is awesome considering its on psn, but im not into horror games. lol

Raoh3764d ago

i cant wait to get home and download it. although i would have rather go to my local game store and purchase a blu ray copy.. i'm wondering if its worth it just to import from japan...

i still cant get a straight answer about if hte japanese blu ray has english text and audio

KidMakeshift3764d ago

I bought the chinese import of Siren (has english options from what I've heard) and kind of regret it because it cost more and that I have to wait about two weeks before it arrives. It's killing me. This might be my favorite game this year

TL243764d ago

Well i've only got 10GB left on my PS3 so downloading the game is out of the question for me! lol

ZombieNinjaPanda3764d ago

Sitting there at about 9 playing it. It's dark outside, lights off, and playing a horror game.

That zombie lady ran at me. I almost screamed! Okay I did a little...^^

Anyway this game is scary, I can tell that much. It's really fun too!

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The story is too old to be commented.