Zero Punctuation: E3 2015 - Hype Train Is Back


This week, Zero Punctuation reviews E3 2015.

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no_more_heroes3080d ago

FIY, right click on the (seemingly) blank space and click play in the drop-down menu to play the video here, especially on a Mac.

Still love watching these. :)


ReedPop and ESA part ways over E3

PAX organiser ReedPop will not be working on future E3 events, the company and the ESA have announced.

The ESA has also informed the Los Angeles Convention Center, which is the traditional home of E3, that it will not be putting a show on there in 2024.

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Eonjay83d ago

YouTube basically killed E3.
Covid greatly hastened its demise.

mastershredder82d ago

Geek culture helped kill it actually. That and stuff like G4 TV, not kidding.


Alleged E3 2024 & 2025 Cancellation Denied by ESA: "Currently Having Conversations about E3 2024"

A document published by the city of Los Angeles sparked rumors about the alleged cancellation of E3 2024 and 2025. The ESA just denied said rumors and clarified that it's currently in talks for E3 2034 and beyond.

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mastershredder160d ago

Not with the LA convention center. It's dead Techraptor. Let it go. Stop fluffing this BS.

Abriael160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Between you and the ESA, I'd rather believe the ESA.

It's actually funny for me that there are some people who are actually cheering for the death of E3. Do you really like the current primordial chaos in which everyone and their mother are struggling for visibility and want to organize their own event, and most of them suck because developers can make only so many trailers? That's weird man.

Jin_Sakai160d ago

I don’t think people were cheering for the death of E3 as I’d much rather have E3 than what we have today. People were cheering the death of what it was becoming. If they’d got back to their roots everything would’ve been better for gamers.

Garethvk160d ago

I dislike this parade of talking heads and waiting to see if something of interest is announced. I much prefer having meetings with companies, seeing and at times playing what they had, soaking in the ambiance of the props and displays, and the energy you get from being there.

Abriael160d ago

@Jin_Sakai: I'm curious about what you mean by what it has become. In the years before the pandemic, the only thing that has really changed is the opening to the public and the departure of Sony, which is hardly E3's fault.

mastershredder159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

That is very interesting. Lapdogging for something you don't understand. Cute. The ESA is not your pal btw.

E3 is not an industry event for actual game developers/designers/talent (not since 2005). Its focus is on media, fans and consumers that are going to buy a game via RETAIL. After 20+ attending and watching this show go to crap, yeah. Good Riddance, it's just not needed anymore unless you are some gamer that thinks they are involved or influential with e3 in some fashion by playing games and making posts on n4g.

What struggle? Please describe your expertise in delivering your products to the masses through this convention. I am VERY interested.

Aloymetal159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

The moment Sony decided to quit this convention that was the day E3 became irrelevant. Whether people like it or not that's a fact. Sony is not wasting money on this event anymore, it's been like that for several yrs now so yeah, it's dead. Let's see how well future E3 events perform without Sony's attendance there.

Abriael159d ago

@mastershredder: You don't have a point.

@Aloymetal: oh yeah, sure, it's all about Sony right? Sony has quit *all* trade shows. Does that mean all trade shows are dead?
It's almost like Sony's the only company who makes games for some here. 😂

Christopher159d ago

***The moment Sony decided to quit this convention that was the day E3 became irrelevant.***

Sony was the first to pull out, but E3 issues have been around for over a decade now. Post MMO boom and the move toward mainstream console gaming saw E3 falter behind how to present more games at once in a short period of time, limited stage space for many studios, with time constraints, and the need to manage so many people at once.

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Garethvk160d ago

They would be silly to not at least explore options and see if they can make it go. They showed this year they could plan away and even approve media and still pull the plug.

luckytrouble159d ago

I mean, E3 ultimately died this year because publishers and developers preferred going with what Summer Games Fest was doing. Pretty sure E3 isn't going to magically win everyone back to the days of making insanely expensive stage shows and absolute money sink show floor setups.

The nature of video game announcements has simply changed and E3 failed to keep up. The show basically hadn't evolved in 15 years, and this is the end result.

DaleCooper159d ago

It's over folks! Time to move on.

DarXyde159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Article blurb starts with 2024... Then mentions 2034.

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‘E3 killed itself’, not competition from Summer Game Fest, says Geoff Keighley

Summer Game Fest host and producer Geoff Keighley has rubbished suggestions that competition from his rival event was partly responsible for the cancellation of this year’s E3.

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hotnickles176d ago

True. Games fest is the crappy replacement for the e3 incompetence. When they leaked all of that info they were done with the major companies

anast176d ago

After the first E3 I watched after talking a break from gaming, I knew it was going to fail. You can't make these events about who can lick which influencers'/celebrities&# 39; boots the best and expect gamers to stick around.

KyRo176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

I miss E3. I know for whatever reason, some people are happy for it to be gone but the presentations and the crowd reactions made it feel special. The hype is never the same for these showcases. I get why companies do their own but E3 dying lost some of gamings magic. Game fest is cool but it's never the spectacle that E3 was

dumahim176d ago

Not just that, but you get devs and execs in one place for journalists to face questions. Now we just get a pre-recorded show and no one available to ask questions of.

potatoseal176d ago

I also miss E3, but I don't actually want it to come back. I feel a lot of stuff got in the overall quantity of games announced.

GhostScholar176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

There’s No one in gaming more annoying than Keighley.

potatoseal176d ago

He'll always be the Dorito Pope to me.

GhostScholar176d ago

He would die for kojima and Kojima could care less about him. It’s like the nerd who the high school qb says what’s up to and to the nerd that means they’re best friends.