Killzone 4K?

Tom Ellis of Gamer Attitude theorises the next Killzone could be to showcase PS4's 4K capabilities.

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TRU3_GAM3R1215d ago

LOl 4k at stable 60FPS :/

mikeslemonade1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

We won't even see a stable 4k for the next generation of consoles.

Not even the strongest single gpu can even handle the latest games on 4k at 60 frames and max settings.

LightofDarkness1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Well console games are typically happy to sit at 30fps with a mixture of medium-high settings (and some custom effects), the next gen will likely be pushed to go 4k. I see visual detail levels beginning to settle into a status quo of "good enough" over the course of this gen; it's much too expensive already to make games (hence DLC, pre-order content, season passes etc.) and pushing much further with artistic detail will increase costs exponentially. I reckon next gen will focus on mildly enhancing current detail levels but improving resolution and framerate. 4k might seem like a stretch now but we're talking 5 years from now.

It might be like last gen with the handful of 1080p games it offered, but I've no doubt it will be there. Next gen should at least make 1080p/60 a standard, regardless.

ManOfTheYear11214d ago


We will NEVER see a game running in 4K on the PS4. EVER.

Meanwhile, I can't wait for World of Tanks on the Xbox One which will be running in 4K.

Not 2 years into this gen and already Xbox One is the first to have a 4K game.

Funny...Xbox One was also the first console to see a game running in 1080p and a locked 60fps.

Sony has said themselves PS4 won't have 4K games and that you will only see 4K playback video.

Meanwhile, Major Nelson has said Xbox One will have 4K games...and behold, World of Tanks confirmed to be in 4K.

SaveFerris1215d ago

Maybe it'll be a slideshow?

Rimeskeem1215d ago

Who knows, maybe the next game will be an 8bit shooter.

LostDjinn1214d ago

I sure hope whoever wrote this was joking.

_-EDMIX-_1214d ago

The deep, deep lolz. Who the hell is approving these articles?

First that is developer dependent, not console, if they want to make a game at that res, they are free to do so, clearly at many, many and I mean many limitations.

Second, Sony has already stated they have no plans for 4k gaming this gen with PS4.

Third, 4k on a new killzone doesn't mean it would look better, the trade-off would be so damn significant that many features gamers are expecting would not be their.

Lighting, shadows, real time particle effects, animations etc, they would need to tone down sooooooo much, that your ONLY getting a better res, but what the hell is a better resolution to a game that looks like crap? To do that is to make Killzone look LESSOR graphically based on what they have to turn off and remove just to hit that number.

You'll just have a crispy looking, flat, non-texture, no real time lighting, slow running game. Who wants to play that?

I'm confused as I thought they might have meant Killzone 1 from PS2, as I 100% can see that running in 4K on PS4 as I can see original XB games running at 4k on XONE as some of those games that gen lacked many features that would make it hard to put in that resolution to make it playable. ie Killzone 1 on PS4 in 4k is likely very doable, vs Killzone Shadow Fall as in its current state and quality is technically impossible.

If they wanted to, they would have already done so, but its clear its not worth the huge trade-off in effects, quality, features JUST to get such a thing. Those bragging rights don't get folks buying PS4's as I'm pretty damn sure Halo 6 in 1080p, 60fps will destroy anything in 4k on CURRENT CONSOLES as they can focus on graphic quality and pushing many effects, vs a game that can't.

This article had might as well be about Ouya getting Half Life 3 at 4k....

Not news, doesn't technically even make sense and doesn't factor many, many things.

Mega241214d ago

I'll believe it when I see it. Until then, it's just hypebole.

deadpoolio3161214d ago

It has to be considering BOTH console makers have stated publicly that NO Xbox One and PS4 cannot do 4k gaming...4k Video YES, they are both capable of that but not gaming...So its not like some secret when they are both saying their consoles are unable

medman1214d ago

Make. Believe.......Unbelievable.

DC7771212d ago

It must be a joke because Shadowfall made my ps4 sound like it was going to burn up or something as it is.

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crazychris41241215d ago

There won't be any games this gen that can play games at 4k. Just requires way too much power. Even the average GPUs for PC struggle to hit 4k while also being playable.

Instead of Killzone at 4k on the PS4 I'm sure will see killzone on VR. We did see K3 in the move so it makes sense.

yarbie10001215d ago

They can't even keep a stable FPS with 1080P 30fps. So I woudln't bet on it

Rimeskeem1215d ago

uhhhhhh, what game has that problem that you know of?

MasterCornholio1214d ago

Wasn't the problem that it was above 30FPS but then they released a patch that allowed you to lock it at 30FPS?

We are talking about Killzone Shadowfall right since this article is about Killzone.

As for games with 1080P and a rock solid 30FPS there are plently of examples. Like Batman Arkham Knight for example especially after the patch.

akurtz1214d ago

Some third prty games

MasterCornholio1214d ago

Will not happen with either system.

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