Gamers Absolutely Hate Alone In The Dark: Illumination Because It’s A Mess

One Angry Gamer "Alone in the Dark: Illumination has mostly negative reviews on Steam at the moment. People seem to hate it and there are plenty of reasons why. For instance, gamers claim the game is buggy, there are times where you’ll get stuck and can’t complete the mission, the game is highly repetitive with grindy elements typically found in most Korean knock-off MMOs, the graphics are sub-par, you aren’t really alone in the dark and the weapons and gameplay are quite lackluster. And if that doesn’t sum it up for you, there’s quite a few videos available to prove it."

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-Foxtrot1216d ago

Whaaaaaaaaaaaa....the game is bad

I did not see that coming /s

DarkOcelet1216d ago

They have ruined this franchise. Where is the damn horror? I remember playing the one on the PS1 and its main theme alone is freaking creepy as hell...