Anniversary: Sonic Turns 24, Today!

Sega's anthropomorphic mascot has certainly had a rough life. Starting strong out of the gates in 1991, Sonic made it possible for Sega to compete toe to toe with Nintendo. Now, Sonic is lucky to get positive review scores and not have his games be released in an Alpha build. While we aren't denying that Sonic's adventures haven't been great as of late, Sonic has had some amazing games. Lets take a look at some the Blue Blur's most iconic adventures.

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Prof_Clayton1212d ago

I personally hope that Sonic gets a 25th anniversary game! He has been out of the spotlight the past few years, besides Sonic Boom. I think he deserves a good anniversary title like Generations.

-Foxtrot1212d ago

They better give this guy something special next year and I hope they have a good game planned. Hopefully they'll stop the Sonic Boom crap, admit defeat that it didn't work out and give us something like Sonic Generations WITHOUT the modern Sonic levels.

Hell even the collectors edition was pretty nice.

Rebel_Scum1211d ago

Generations without the 3d would've been a better package. I think enough is enough though. Bar Generations, Sonic hasn't been good since Sonic & Knuckles was released.

Relientk771212d ago

Such great memories with Sonic from the Genesis

Inzo1211d ago

Back when games were still games. Those were some of the best gaming years of my life!

Super Mario
Bomber Man
Samurai Pizza Cats (After the series)
Wonder Boy/Adventure Islander
Golden Ax
Bubble Bobble
Double Dragon

To name but a few,

And then of course, everything on Atari

TotalSynthesisX1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I just want a Sonic Adventure 3. Hopefully one that focuses solely on speed and not treasure hunts and shooting galleries.

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