E3 2015 - The Year Crowdfunding Took Over

Marcus Estrada writes: "Let me tell you: Things have changed tremendously in the span of a year. This time around there were dozens of crowdfunded games on the show floor, in private meeting rooms, and even being demoed “around” the convention center. Games that were funded, games that weren’t funded, and more were all present. The biggest surprise? Most of them now have publishers. That explains why they had space on the show floor! After all, buying out a booth (or even a private meeting room) is no doubt a huge expense for a small team. With that said, many were able to squeeze in alongside non-crowdfunded indies (such as in Sony and Microsoft's huge booths) as well."

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Jackhass1215d ago

Definitely interesting and a little disconcerting to see the coming together of traditional publishers and crowdfunding.

ltachiUchiha1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Yeah but u gotta remember only classic games that gamers want will be funded this high like Shenmue 3. I dont think gamers would put much $$$ into it if its not a special title. Gamers been asking for this &an FF7 Remake.

Veneno1214d ago

Chicken Little Syndrome. Does this writer really think all games will be crowd funded from now on? There's not enough money to go around for that. Ridiculous.