The Most Expensive Games On GameStop's New Retro Store

What’s old is new again. Unfortunately, it’s also pricey.

GameStop launched its long-discussed retro store today, and most games are available for pretty reasonable prices. $12.99 for Metal Gear? Sure. $6.99 for Sonic the Hedgehog 2? Alright. Even $34.99 for Mega Man 2 isn’t ridiculous, considering what it’s going for over on eBay.

It doesn’t take long for old school games to start breaking the bank, though, and I wanted to know the priciest games on GameStop’s storefront.

TXIDarkAvenger3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Probably not sealed but I wonder if it comes in the original box with manuals.

EDIT* Website doesn't show box art but just the cart for N64 games. A lot of the non rare finds are pretty pricey. Consoles are a lot too.

Geobros3220d ago

With $89.99 for Chrono Trigger, you could get only a cartridge in bad condition, nothing more. That game complete goes for 250 and sealed about many $$$$...

ELE_Victim3220d ago

Of course it's not sealed. Bad Fur Day sealed new is hundreds of dollars on ebay.

3-4-53220d ago

This game on Amazon is $76 at cheapest price.

TXIDarkAvenger3219d ago

Except I'm not talking about Bad Fur Day at all.

Kyosuke_Sanada3220d ago

What if Game Stop got their hands on a copy of Earthbound or -gulps- Valkyrie Profile?

FarEastOrient3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I agree, I wonder what Gamestop will price Lunar 1 & 2 for the Sega CD.

Edit: (I just looked this up) Mint condition Final Fantasy Tactics for PS1 is going for $2,500... Gulp...

RoseSapphire3220d ago

No, no it is not.

A mint condition, complete FF1 sells for $15-20. You can get sealed copies for under $30.

I happen to own a retro game store if you're looking for backing on this information.

FarEastOrient3220d ago

@Bran we're not even talking about the same game. I said FFTactics not FF1

Here's the link:

The next one is $100

Skate-AK3220d ago

I still have my Earthbound cart for SNES :p

FallenAngel19843220d ago

I'm glad the Rare Replay is coming. No longer do we have to pay high prices just to play Conker's BFD. For just $30 we not only get Conker but 29 other games as well. Best deal ever

Double_O_Revan3220d ago

$50 for Hyperstone Heist!?! But that version is garbage compared to Turtles in Time!

Relientk773220d ago

I can't believe TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist on Genesis is $50

that game rules though, glad I have it

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GameStop Boss Says Disc Drives Should Be Required On Game Consoles

"It would be great if people had to buy more of the thing," says guy who makes money selling the thing.

XiNatsuDragnel222d ago

Absolutely consoles needs disc drives.

wesnytsfs222d ago

Nah should be optional. Not a PS fan but I like their strategy of selling an optional external optical drive. Its all about Options and this will let everyone get their way. Cheaper for digital only and then you can chose to pay more for the optical drive if that is important to you.

Profchaos222d ago

That's not official yet it's only a rumour

Eonjay222d ago


But what he describes already exists in the 2 base models. If it is a rumor you can blame Microsoft for really backing it in court but if we are honest we all know it's true.

Profchaos222d ago

@Eonjay I'm not denying the appeal of it I can see it being a useful mechanism for allowing gamers to upgrade as needed however until there's concrete proof and not speculation and remember ms still bases that court submitted document off of the same leaks we see on Reddit, 4chan etc I just can't believe it.

The system would be further opened to exploitation and they would need to release an overpriced drive for consumers to buy for it and sure as they do we will hear complaints over the cost of it

ChasterMies221d ago

Absolutely consoles don’t need disc drives. My house has 2 PS5 digital editions, one since launch. Zero issues with the lack of disc drives. In fact, the digital purchasing lets us all share each other’s games, usually mine, and play the same game at the same time on-line.

shadowT222d ago

Optional drives would be best strategy.

-Foxtrot222d ago

If they did then collectors wouldn’t be getting f***** over with discless collectors editions

jeromeface221d ago

yea they would, discs cost extra... even when you're already paying a premium

-Foxtrot221d ago (Edited 221d ago )


We are paying roughly the same now without the discs. There’s literally collectors editions which are roughly in the same price range that have a disc.

I’d rather pay a little more for something physical anyway

RupeeHoarder222d ago

No shock, GameStop is alive because of trading. If they don't have used games on their shelves they are absolutely donezo.

darthv72222d ago

Well of course the GS boss thinks this... that's their bread and butter business. That and funco pops and clothing, though those two were added as a means to supplement the decline in people buying used games or even new games. GS just sucks overall when it comes to gaming. I buy my physical stuff on Amazon or Best Buy.

As for "requiring" disc drives... nah. Not anymore, but i like having them as an option. They had a means back when games actually ran off the discs and were more/less complete. Now they are incomplete and the disc is really an installer with a license to play. If you want to change games you have to take out the disc and put in another. Its more convenient to just use digital. I have been into digital for years now and when the PSPortal comes along i wont even have to go into my game room. I will just play my PS5 from my couch downstairs. I have a bunch of digital installed games to my 5... I'm all set.