PlayStation App Updated to Version 2.55.8 on Android and 2.55.7 on iOS; Patch Notes Inside

The PlayStation App has just been updated on Android and iOS to versions 2.55.8 and 2.55.7 respectively.

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itsjustexuma1213d ago

Finally, it's great that they added those features

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Maxor1213d ago

How many people are going to run to their PC or are sitting next to a laptop to use an app like this? Plus the PC app will probably need to be more robust and fully featured, they'll have to actually try hard. Can't have that.

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FallenAngel19841213d ago

I wish the PS Store could also open with the PS App on iOS

Skate-AK1213d ago

I know. Having it just open a page in the browser is stupid.

JDabney241213d ago

Actually, opening the ps store within the app works on iOS! I just tried it!

PhoenixUp1213d ago

I just used the updated app and I can confirm that they finally implemented this feature. The article neglected to mention it only listed it on the Android side.

Travis37081213d ago

Now give the PS4 an update plz!!!!! :( We haven't had a PS4 update in months..

I just want friend notfications and friend-list sorting.

Custom wallpapers wouldn't hurt either..

psplova1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

We just got an update last week dude...

blackblades1213d ago

I know right I don't even own one and I knew about it. It was the media support.

KwietStorm1212d ago

We got a media player app, not a system update, which we haven't gotten in quite a while like he said. But disagrees because n4g.

Shazz1212d ago

The media app was just something added to our xmbs it wasn't a firmware

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